New pilots from Josh Schwartz, Greg Berlanti.

New comedies approved by writers of The OC and Brothers and Sisters.

Prolific writer Josh Schwartz (The OC, Chuck, Gossip Girl) has another pilot added to his CV with CBS picking up a comedy, Hitched, which centres on a young twentysomething couple that are newlyweds while still getting to know each other.

The multi-camera comedy will be co-written by Matt Miller for CBS.

CBS has also picked up an untitled multicam sitcom pilot about a widower who must juggle raising his 12 year-old son while also getting back into the dating world by Tad Quill (writer Dirty Sexy Money, Scrubs). One and a half men or Gary Unmarried?

Meanwhile ABC has approved yet another pilot about a a regular American family that suddenly finds itself with new super abilities. No Ordinary Family is written by Greg Berlanti (Brothers and Sisters, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Everwood) and Jon Feldman.

Yet another pilot, Freshman, revolves around a group of three newly elected members of Congress, two men and one woman, who wind up sharing an apartment in Washington. The project comes from producer Greg Malins (Will and Grace, How I Met Your Mother).

Source: Variety

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  1. Hitched – This pilot was rejected like 15 years ago, the “Friends” idea was pitched to NBC, about 6 20-somethings that were three couples living in NYC, I doubt this will go further than half a dozen episodes.

    Untitled multi-cam – Cougar Town except with a male lead.

    No Ordinary Family & Freshman – Both look dull. The problem with these is that the TV show is based on a “life changing” event in somebody’s life. Generally, the good TV shows are based on people going about their daily lives, whether dramatically, or funnily, Plus a life changing event as a sub-plot.

    Friends ER Cheers Secret Life (as crappy as it is) The Good Wife Cougar Town … are all examples of that.

    Hank and Accidentely on Purpose are examples of how TV shows that are based on events suck.

    Best chance at getting a second season – Untitled multi-cam, purely because it will air on CBS at 8:30 Monday, between two comedy veterans, and because their two Wednesday comedies will probably be scrapped for the Criminal Minds spin-off.

  2. Hitched sounds like it could be how HIMYM was in its early seasons, or perhaps Rules of Engagement if they only focussed on the younger couple. NOF could be fun if it gets greenlit to series.

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