STVDIO to replace Ovation

No it won’t be an April Fool’s joke….

STVDIO is the name of the arts channel which will replace Ovation from April 1st.

Operated by SBS-managed PAN TV, the new channel puts the TV letters smack bang into its title.

“The name STVDIO represents the new channel perfectly,” said SBS Director of Marketing Jacquie Riddell.

“Every art form – be it dance, fine art, music, theatre, film or writing – is created in a studio,” Ms Riddell said. “In addition to performance, our new channel will take audiences into how art is made and what makes artists tick.”

The channel promises arts and entertainment programming, news, events, discussion and debate.

The Ovation channel has been almost single-handedly responsible for turning Andre Rieu into a household name in Australia.

STVDIO will be broadcast on Foxtel and Austar.


  1. what about the series shows that were on ovation – i.e house of elliot and darling buds may these shows were halfway through the series or i suppose that doesn’t matter –

  2. Why exactly is Ovation being replaced? Is this what seeking a new identity could mean, by replacing some quality Northern European content with who knows what! We will see how laughable the programming on this channel will be.

    Could have easily retained Ovation if finance wasn’t the reason. Maybe it’s Foxtel delivering by half yet again.

  3. STVDIO should be on channel 135 instead of channel 125. Should’ve been called SBS ARTS but that doesn’t matter. I reckon STVDIO is a very clever name. Wonder if it will feature the SBS Youth Orchestra.

  4. Its funny but when I think of the arts – “tv studio” is not the first word that comes to mind. I agree that something like SBS Arts would’ve been better. At least half of the shows on ovation are recorded either in theatres or open air concerts. Theres not much in a “tv studio”

  5. “Every art form – be it dance, fine art, music, theatre, film or writing – is created in a studio,” Ms Riddell said.

    Uh, films are shot on location and/or sound stages, authors generally write in (home) offices, music is performed in concert halls, sports arenas and sweaty pubs, landscape painters are generally out in the fresh air.

    Still being from SBS (saucy broadcasting service) there might be some room for the SBS One Friday night documentaries.

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