Airdate: Rivers With Griff Rhys Jones

What is it about comedians and rivers?

What is it about comedians and rivers?

UK comedian Griff Rhys Jones will host a series in which he explores the rivers of Britain, to screen on ABC1.

Who remembers A River Somewhere with Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner, produced by Santo Cilauro? And then there was John Doyle appeared in Two Men In A Tinnie. This week we also got word Jimeoin would include fishing in his new Comedy Channel series.

Must be tough on the boards ….and cathartic in the wet…

Actor and comedian Griff Rhys Jones sets out on a fresh adventure to explore how rivers have influenced, nurtured and powered lives throughout history in this captivating new series.

From the powerful torrents of Scotland to the flatlands of East Anglia, Griff barges, canoes, swims, walks and sails his way along this often hidden network which has been the lifeblood of Britain.

In Scotland, he travels upstream from Kinlochleven into one of the most remote areas of the country and follows the fast and furious course of water downstream to Perth.

Rivers With Griff Rhys Jones airs 8:30pm Tuesday March 2nd on ABC1.

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  1. I grew up on the Fens fifty years ago and to watch the show last night simply blessed my heart and I went to bed with a smile on my face, Thankyou so much. Fred Barrett. Qld Australia.

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