Airdate: The Whistleblowers

2007 British drama series The Whistleblowers will air on 7TWO next month.

The six-episode series follows world-weary ex-lawyers Ben Graham and Alisha Cole on their quest for genuine justice. But personal sacrifice and integrity come at a heavy cost, as they rub against rogue elements in business and government. In search of truth, beware the consequences…

The series stars Richard Coyle, Indira Varman, Daniel Ryan, Douglas Hodge and Allan Corduner.

Driving home from work one night, lawyers Ben and Alisha narrowly miss hitting a naked, hooded man as he flees, terrified, down the road. The man is bundled violently into a car by two men as the couple look on helplessly. Ben feels he cannot turn a blind eye when they discover the very same man is being held in a house across the street from them. Yet when he reports it to the police, the officers who visit them, DI Bell and DS Waite, don’t take his concerns very seriously.

Ben seizes an opportunity to sneak into the house across the road and confront the prisoner inside. He discovers that he is a terror suspect but is completely innocent and being held illegally. Before they can talk further, Ben is bundled out by security minders and taken to the police. Thrown in a cell, Ben is warned off by DI Bell, who tells him Agiza’s detention is a security matter and none of his business.

When direct action is pitted against the willfully corrupt, distinctions between guardians of the truth and enemies of the state become hazy in a high speed, high stakes thriller exposing political and corporate mismanagement, negligence and greed.

It airs at 9:30pm Monday March 8th on 7TWO.


  1. Your right vinny they seemed to be doing better especially from next week. The reason I praise seven is because of past experiece you can gurantee seven do eventually play stuff out. Reaper rated well for 7two and for that reason I think they wanted it to air at 8:30 but the problem was English shows air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they wanted to fasttrack shows like 24 and Lost, Thursday they are showing Stargate Atlantis which also rates well and finally Friday and Saturday are not really a good timeslot for Reaper because the audience is out. Sundays at 8:30 would be perfect but I think they are saving shows for when Lost and 24 finish.

    King of The Hill will be back on the 12th of March after How Not To Decorate at 11:45pm. Best Dish has over 100 eps so it may come back if they decide to rotate the other lifestle shows or after 10 Year Younger repeats. The English comedies may come back at a later date or maybe like Gavin and Stacy ABC might buy them and show them on ABC2 which I can only see as a benefit because of no adverts

  2. How long will it take before this also ends up on the British dumping ground channel, otherwise known as ABC2? Maybe it’ll be given more of a chance on 7TWO than the main one?

  3. Well actually there is on GO!

    First run ET and TMZ in the mornings

    and they are putting more “new ” shows on the afternoons, such as

    The Hills
    Side Order of Life (next month at 2pm in the afternoons)
    Finishing off Notes From the Underbelly in the afternoons
    Finishing off Dog The Bounty Hunter Season 1 episodes

    and unlike Nine… they seem to be rescheduling shows and not getting rid of them entirely. Although South Park and Father of the Pride are still not on but that is no different to Seven not showing Reaper, Not Going Out and then promoting Benidorm only to not show it at all , removing Britains Best Dish, removing King of The Hill this week etc etc etc.

  4. Atleast it is first run not a repeat also Lost, 24, Mercy are not old shows 7two have a good mixture of old and new shows unlike GO which is really starting to go downhill.

  5. I think I know why they named the Channel Seven Two now.. because the shows are a minimum of 2 years or more old.

    Having said that, sounds interesting. I thought the ABC would have shown that already perhaps.

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