Anti-Discrimination Board to investigate Eddie

Gay activist Gary Burns has filed a complaint with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board against the comments made by Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy about US skater Johnny Weir.

Mr Burns said McGuire and Molloy incited hatred against homosexual males.

“These hired goons were not down at the pub drinking flat beer with their mates, they were on national television being viewed by millions of Australians.

“On Mardi Gras eve the Board’s decision to accept this complaint is a timely reminder to homophobes like McGuire and Molloy they won’t get away with vilifying homosexuals.”

The comments made by the two Nine presenters during the Winter Olympics caused a media storm last week after McGuire said of the men’s skaters “They don’t leave anything in the closet either, do they?” and referred to the event asĀ  “a bit of a Brokeback.”

But Nine and McGuire began to back-pedal from the original comments the next night when McGuire explained Johnny Weir never shrinked from pubicity at the same time as praising his athleticism. On Sunday night he interviewed Weir who appeared to take the comments in good humour, while Molloy distanced himself from homophobia on Monday night.

Burns has previously laid similar complaints against Nine shows including the NRL Footy Show.

That complaint had sought on air retribution for comments, which Nine is likely to have declare has already been addressed on this occasion.

Nine is yet to formally apologise or address the original comments.

The ADB has agreed to investigate the complaint.



  1. @Sim. It’s damage control, definitely. If Eddie and Molloy had never made those comments about him, Nine would not be giving Johnny Weir so much as a second thought. Figure skating is an extremely low profile sport in Australia. Because Nine’s golden haired boy that they have so much invested in put his foot well and truly in it, they need to rehabilitate his reputation, pronto. Hence, the cynical and opportunistic exploitation of Johnny Weir.

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