BBC World News hits refresh

From today BBC World News gets a channel refresh, with a new look and new schedule.

From today BBC World News gets a channel refresh, with a new look and new schedule.

Weekdays will be reserved mainly for news, while weekends will focus on a mix of topical documentary, current affairs, lifestyle and travel programmes.

On weekdays BBC World News will broadcast news with headlines and a news summary every fifteen minutes.

It will unveil four-minute, bite-size versions of flagship travel programme fast:track, technology show Click, and film programme Talking Movies.

Interview programme HARDtalk, presented by Stephen Sackur, will continue to broadcast in its regular weekday slots.

In addition, BBC World News is launching six new presenter-led news programmes:

* World News Today with Zeinab Badawi (6am AEDT) concentrates on the news in Europe, Middle East and Africa, from interviews with national leaders to covering the big arts and cultural events.
* Business Edition with Tanya Beckett (9am AEDT) covers the main business stories of the day with a special focus on the state of the global economy.
* GMT with George Alagiah (11pm AEDT) provides the latest news developments from across the globe, with updates on business and sport. It will also analyse how the day’s latest developments may affect your world.
* Impact Asia with Mishal Husain (midnight AEDT) brings audiences a mixture of breaking news, debate and analysis using the BBC’s unmatched range of correspondents based in Asia Pacific regions and across the world.
* The Hub with Nik Gowing (3am AEDT) serves as a news ‘nerve centre’ providing the headlines and a detailed analysis of the global news agenda.

A new programme to provide a weekly forum illustrating “the issues behind the conflicts that other networks cannot cover” will join the line-up this month. Aimed at a global audience, it is to be fronted by Lyse Doucet.

Richard Porter (pictured), BBC World News Editorial Director, said, “The channel changes represent the next stage of editorial development at BBC World News. By realigning our weekday and weekend schedules, we can provide viewers with a structured range of accessible news and programming content.

“The weekday news output sets out to meet audience demand for breaking news, in-depth reporting and global analysis. During the weekend, our aim is engage audiences with a different mood and feel across our high-quality mix of longer-form programme content.”

Changes to the weekend line-up include Weekend World (03.40, repeats 6.40 and 9.40 am AEDT), a new weekly interactive show, presented by Paddy O’Connell, reviewing a range of weekend programmes ahead. fast:track, Click, and Talking Movies will also broadcast during the weekend.

The programmes will be supported by new on-air graphic packages and viewers can interact with the presenters via a dedicated facebook page, programme pages on bbc.com/news, on Twitter, via the BBC’s Global Minds community, and social media platforms.

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  1. Yet another presentation refresh? They were just bedding down the last one! I suppose what we’re seeing is a reflection of the battle between Sky News UK and BBC News(24) to stay up-to-the-minute against each other in design terms. BBC World News is just the international arm of their domestic 24/7 news channel.

    I miss their old electronic billboards. Wow, that was 10 years ago when that was shiny and new.

  2. Why did Foxtel move BBC news away from the news section? I watch even more of BBC news and much less of the others as the result. Thank you Rupert! What channel number (you know separate channel) will ABC news, Sky News Uk, Al Jeezera etc be perhaps we will need another new next generation for that.

    Delivering by half that is Foxtel. And don’t forget if Fox News is on your platform (In full screen) then so does all these others I have mentioned! Looking forward to watching more of BBC news!

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