Collectors: Feb 28 / Mar 7

A former MP talks about letters he has gathered from Spike Milligan, Paul Eddington, Gough Whitlam and Ronald Biggs.

Not all fans of ABC’s Collectors are thrilled with its new timeslot of 6:30pm Sundays this year.

This year the show has taken over the slot of the now-defunct Einstein Factor, while Sleuth 101 enjoys its tradional Friday night slot.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

Episode Four screens Sunday 28th February
Andy gets dolled up and heads to a Sydney hospital dedicated to ‘real’ plastic surgery. We explore the intricate designs of the humble lace doily and a beautiful Art Deco cocktail cabinet to die for.

Former MP Barry Cohen joins Andy and the team on the Big Red Couch to share some fascinating anecdotes about the vast collection of letters he has gathered during his 20 years in politics – letters from Spike Milligan, Paul Eddington, Gough Whitlam, Ronald Biggs to name a few.

Episode Five screens Sunday 7th March
Hugh Barnsley from Wagga Wagga admits he has more drills than an army sergeant – his massive collection includes some that are beautifully crafted wood and brass to no nonsense cold steel. Adrian is in Italian designer ceramic heaven. Auctioneer Jennifer Gibson comes into the studio and tells the panel what it is like to have control of the gavel, the auctioneer’s hammer. The Willson twins have been tinkering with classic Minis since they were children, and as well as racing the pair always has a few Mini projects on the go.

Peter Comerford shows us how the Victorians could maintain a manicured waxed mo and still enjoy a nice hot cup of tea. He has more moustache cups than you could poke a cucumber sandwich at.

It airs at 6.30pm Sundays om ABC1.

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  1. Haven’t watched it once since it moved to 6.30 Sundays — weekends traditionally over the last 10 years have been filled up with lifestyle programs like this and with all of those who have bombed in the past, that novelty has well and truly worn out it’s welcome.

    It was perfectly programmed at 8pm Fridays as a informative lead-in to shows on Ch. 2 or other networks–I got into the habit of watching this show in a public bar full of people, who would all be trying to guess auction prices and stare in amazement or disbelief at the collections of some people who appeared on the show — at 8.30, the remote control came out and the AFL football match of the evening would take over.

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