Four faces join The White Room

Seven’s new ‘TV-based’ game show The White Room has announced its regular panellists ahead of its premiere next week.

They are Dave Thornton, Felicity Ward (pictured, centre), George McEncroe and Lawrence Mooney (pictured, right).

The four will join hosts Julian Schiller and Tony Moclair.

Seven says of its four: “Dave Thornton is one of the country‚Äôs hottest young comedic talents and is currently co-hosting breakfast radio on Nova Brisbane; Felicity Ward is a Melbourne International Comedy Festival Most Outstanding Newcomer nominee and made a big impression on the past series of Thank God You’re Here; George McEncroe is a comedian, radio presenter and mother of four, who will bring warmth and humour to The White Room; while comedy favourite Lawrence Mooney is a familiar face on Aussie TV and has performed at just about every comedy festival around the globe.”

Early publicity material teases with the show’s TV trivia asking: “Think you can sing the theme song to Gilligan’s Island? Know your Aussie classics from Cop Shop to City Homicide? Worship your TV shows to the point where you can guess them through an interpretive dance?”

The show was originally in development seven years ago, but has since been revisited by the network. Should be worth checking out for TV buffs!

It premieres at 7:30pm Thursday February 11 on Seven.


  1. I missed the first episode, by the time I wanted to watch it on the channel seven
    site, the time period run out, it,s only there for a week, would that or any episode
    be able to watch on a website, at this moment of time, or in the near future, plus would they be on DVD, at a later period of time, does The White Room has web-
    site now or at a later date, if one,s happens

  2. I hope Bernard Curry’s really awful fake tan and metrosexual dress sense from Beauty and The Geek has disappeared. BTW he got “killed” on H&A (it was on in the background was too bothered to turn it off)

  3. Please, Felicity Ward did not make a big impression on Thank God You’re Here. She only got on as a last minute replacement. There’s other girls on that show that wipe the floor with her performance. I reckon Channel 7 has just gone ‘el cheapo’ and these 4 desperate people were theo nes desperate to take this offer.

  4. Tomothy – never heard of you either but I’m looking at your work

    Why are seven having a “lets rip off Channel 10” sought of start to the year.

    AFL replays, a cooking show, TBYG wanna be – they must think they’ll win this year without trying. I think the fact people turned off tennis this year might indicate it’s hard to stay at the top

  5. I would love a good tv quiz type show to work but sadly this looks lame. These shows should be left to the ABC or 10.

    Also Cop Shop to City Homicide? I like these shows,but if this becomes a 7 show w*nkfest forget about it.

  6. Glad that Felicity Ward is on this show as it’ll hopefully mean she’ll never be allowed to appear on a good show like Spicks & Specks again.She’s annoying and unfunny.

    Is the guy in the red shirt a Curry brother [Bernand ?]
    Perhaps he smelt the turkey and decided not to become a regular panelist.

  7. Dave Thornton should be good. He’s been filling in on Nova breakfast up here in Brisbane for a while and is better than the guy he’s replacing IMHO.

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