Richard Dean Anderson to visit Australia

US actor Richard Dean Anderson will headline a Stargate Convention to be held in Sydney and Melbourne in March.

Richard Dean Anderson is heading to Australia in March for a Stargate Convention to be held on March 6th in Sydney and March 7th in Melbourne.

Anderson makes very few appearances at conventions, but will be joined by Ben Browder and Claudia Black as well as Christopher Judge.

Also attending are Dan Shea, Connor Trinneer and David Nykl while former Farscape cast member Gigi Edgley will also be making an appearance at the Sydney leg of the event.

David Blue from Stargate Universe and Julie Caitlin Brown of Babylon 5 will attend plus artist Jason Palmer, who will be premiering a new line of Stargate pieces created especially for this event.

A Supernatural event will be held in May in Sydney and Melbourne.

For more info visit www.thehubproductions.com.

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  1. It was great! I was there, even got a photo with RDA (he has put on a bit of weight…). Only, the whole thing was fairly unorganised and a bit of a mess, but the panels were really funny!!

  2. I would love to go to this convention! Only found out about it today.
    After reading other comments..I cannot believe there are people out there that actually want the return of Stargate Universe! They are joking ? Right ?
    Have to be the most depressing and dark TV show nothing like the Stargate series that got everyone hooked in the first place I’m suprised it lasted as long as it did…Bring back SG1 series and characters.. If anyone does get to the convention please ask RDA what he was thinking when he agreed to appear in that pathetic Stargate Universe series..

  3. I know alot of ppl think the prices are high, but you have to think about what it takes to put on a convention – fees for the actor/actress to attend,flights,hotels,and that is just to get here Then you have the venue to pay for.the autographs are what they charge(with the exchange rate)photos well i do argree that they are very high for a photo with RDA and i dont know if i will even get a photo with him.I am planning to attend and see what it is like.

  4. I’ve been to a few conventions in the past and generally speaking guests are happy to answer questions about their entire body of work… No matter how bad it may be.
    Sometimes they even admit to that fact 😉
    So asking RDA about MacGuyver should be no problem at all. Claudia Black and Ben Browder will no doubt be asked questions about Farscape, etc, etc…

    Amanda Tapping is coming out to Australia later in the year for The Hub Productions in Melbourne and another promoter in Sydney.

  5. Those prices are very reasonable, especially for that many guests. The Supernatural con with Jared and Jensen only was that price. The high profile guests charge huge appearance fees, plus there is the small thing of airfares from the US to here.

  6. We need a talk show. It would be nice to see him interviewed without having to attend the convention. When I say “We need a talk show” I mean a real one. Not Darryl “interviewing” guests on his show.

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