Bumped: Stargate Atlantis, Mercy, Kings.

Midweek changes will come to 7TWO in April that sees Stargate Atlantis move from Thursdays to Wednesdays.

Midweek changes will come to 7TWO in April that beef up the Wednesday schedule.

Stargate: Atlantis moves from Thursdays to Wednesdays from 9:30pm April 7th, following Lost.

This moves Mercy back to 10:30pm followed by Kings at 11:20pm.

Repeats of Samantha Who also air from 7pm starting with S1E7.

On Thursday April 8th there are repeats of Barry Humphries’ Flashbacks at 7:30pm and the outstanding Prime Suspect S1 at 8:30pm with Heroes season finale the week before, 9:30pm Thu April 1.

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  1. Lets all look shocked… it was only a matter of time before Mercy and Kings would be moved, there is a reason they are not working in the US.

    As for SG-A well that’s been over for a long time in the US, most core fans would have seen it by now, either buying the DVDs from Amazon or other means. Dido for Sam Who.

    Heroes – I hope that is not the series final and we get one more season…

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