Nine readies new catch-up TV

Ninemsn is believed to be planning to launch a major catch-up TV service next month.

Ninemsn is believed to be planning to launch a major catch-up TV service next month.

The Australian reports that issues with rights have held up the launch so far.

It would follow the success of the ABC’s iView and Seven’s new PLUS7 portal which launched in January.

Nine sales chief Peter Wiltshire has previously said Warner programs which included Two and a Half Men, Cold Case, and The Mentalist, would be available online for 28 days from the midnight of the day on which the show first screened.

Nine has previously made a selection of full-length programs available, including McLeod’s Daughters, Sea Patrol, Canal Road and Underbelly.

Source: The Australian

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  1. @stephen: LOL! That’s so true – it’s like they’re still in the ’90s.

    @Tim: Amen to that, not that I’ll be watching anything except maybe Fringe if I watch Lost instead. Hopefully their bandwidth will be sufficient for smooth play on the western side of this continent – PLUS7 is unwatchable for me.

  2. I’m amused that 2.5 Men will be on there – surely at the rate Nine repeats them (and for some inane reason people watch them) you’d only have to wait a month or two for them to be back on!

  3. Better late than never. I hope they don’t run ads midway through shows like Plus 7, not that I have ever watched anything on Plus 7. Fulfil that criterion and they’ve got me as a user. I admit that 9 is my most watched commercial network (apart from SBS). Shameful, but true.

  4. Not that there is much on 9 i watch but hopefully it will meet these 3 requirements

    1) Work with ISPs to make it quota free (might be showing my age here but using PIPE from the datacenter would save them and their viewers money)
    2) Easy to use/locate programs
    3) Silverlight instead of flash so we can have adaptive streaming video and no so CPU hungry, they could even then put some non intrusive DRM in it if they had to (as long as its non intrusive)

  5. The fact that australian internet plans are so bad is a huge limiting factor for high bandwidth services like this.

    The other issue simply is, If I miss an episode of the show. Unless it’s something like media watch or q&a that is short or I can have just the audio on in the background while on the computer. I don’t really like sitting at my computer watching full episodes of shows.

  6. It about time but again this is not going to work unless ISPs are allowed unmetered access, like iView does with some ISPs. Yes I know PLUS7 has worked some what but time will tell if they stick with using it.

    iView is by far the best service so far.

  7. Hope it’s of better video quality than iView or the truly, eye-gougingly woeful PLUS7.

    Also hope it doesn’t involve installing custom adware codecs like Nine’s previous effort did (around the time of that highly hyped Melbourne legal/cop drama from a couple of years ago that was so forgettable I honestly can’t even remember the title!)

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