Returning: Men in Trees

And a nation collectively throws up their hands and asks “Why…..?”

Nine, inexplicably, is returning the Anne Heche drama Men in Trees to screen next month.

It will air at 4pm Sunday April 11th with the first episode of Season Two, “A Tree Grows in Elmo.”

It aired in the US in October 2007 and was axed in mid 2008. It last aired in Australia in February 2008.

The show will follow a Sunday arvo repeat of Survivor.

NB: Check local guides closer to airdate, as this may only be airing in non-NRL states.


  1. Judy A Bednar

    Oops, don’t know how that happened – I definitely did not hit the submit key. Anyway, as I was saying, I promised myself to never watch anything on Nein, but every so often I forget. This just served to remind me

  2. Judy A Bednar

    This (if any proof was necessary) just shows how Nein cares nothing about the viewing public. I was stupid enough to watch it last Sunday, although I wasn’t sure I’d even remember what we were up to, but it seemed to me that it was a continuation of where we left off. Then I started to watch this weeks ep, and it made no sense at all. Had a look at the name of the episodes, turns out they skipped Five episodes! Do they really take us for complete idiots? Why even bother showing it at all? I suppose the good thing about it is, I tend to forget my promise to myself to Never.

  3. I was just flicking through last weeks TV guide and noticed that channel 9 showed Men in Trees last Sunday afternoon (11 April). According to the TV guide that was the first episode of season 2. I’m glad this show is back on as I really enjoyed watching it when it first aired in Oz a few years ago. So I thought I would look online to see if it would be showing again today. I happily see that it is, but according to the online TV guide, the episodes that are to be aired at 3pm and 4pm are episodes 7 and 8 from season 2. What’s with that? I want to see episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6 before 7 and 8!

  4. Why not put it on GO! at a reasonable timeslot when people can watch it? I used to enjoy this show, but I won’t be able to watch it at that riduculous timeslot 🙁

  5. I did want the show to return way back when, but had given up on ever seeing it long ago. I always thought the old Gilmore Girls slot would have been good. I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned it in your archives.

  6. @Jake – see I hate that, just ’cause Nine (or others) have the right and they don’t give then up so no one gets to see the show, unless you go else where. Just look at Gilmore Girls once on prime time on Nine it was relegated to day time week ends and on WIN they have still not finished the final season in QLD, this is a show that ended 3 years ago.

    Thank god Arena got the rights to the show 7 season of GG and is still airing them every day.

  7. Foxtel’s W Channel recently played this series right up until the point Channel Nine stopped before, so hopefully that means W can continue playing the show in a decent timeslot in all states!

  8. I liked the show, so of course it failed LOL I’ve seen all the aired eps and it was fun while it lasted.

    It sounds to me Nine just needed filler on Sundays and I just wonder given some of the stories on the show is 4pm on Sundays the best time slot? Why not use it on GO! where everyone can see it and not just the non NRL states?

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