10 Play: Survivor UK

It's been 21 years since the UK tried its hand at a local version of long-running Reality format.

Good news for die-hard Survivor addicts with Survivor UK to be fast-tracked on 10 Play.

This is only the third season of the show in the UK, rebooted after 21 years with host Joel Dommett.

Host Joel Dommett will welcome 18 castaways to the Dominican Republic to the play the ultimate physical and psychological game. Divided into two rival tribes, they will live on remote beaches, build their own shelters, face the elements and battle against each other in epic challenges for reward or immunity.

The two tribes will immediately be pitted against each other in their first reward challenge, a brutally exhausting clash to retrieve basic supplies. Divisions will begin to form and personalities will be put to the test as the losing tribe struggles to deal with the harsh environment.

The tribes will also compete in their first immunity challenge, an intense feat of endurance. For the losing tribe, it means a sunset showdown at TribalCouncil where they must vote off one of their own.

Which tribe will win the first immunity challenge? And who will become the first person voted out of the game, leaving their dreams of winning £100,000 and the title of Sole Survivor in tatters?

8:30pm AEDT Sunday and Monday on 10 Play.


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  1. For some reason I cannot get into the current season of Survivor USA. For 2 reasons are 1…there are no subtitles and 2… they have changed the format. Not impressed with that. Love the 2 team format which Survivor Australia uses.

    1. I think this season of US has been the best since the S41 reboot (the new 90 minutes has not gone to waste), but I do kinda agree on Two Tribes – it typically pays dividends in a more chaotic merge, but the smaller starting tribes does hamper early gameplay.

      I wish they would mix it up on the occasion and do two tribes.

      And I do hope that this new UK Survivor is good too.

      1. @ilovetv : I respectfully disagree with you on S45. With the latest episode, I’m struggling to think of a period of the show I’ve been more bored and not caring for anyone (though Jake’s health is a serious concern) or any of the outcomes. The casting is easily the worst we’ve seen in living memory.

          1. Absolutely agree, David. The challenge kicked off after the third commercial break and aside from Jake’s concerning episode, it was a lot of waffle. But also Austin’s multi-advantages / disadvantages got a bit much to follow at tribal and he’s not even that shrewd a player. Hopefully the merge fires off some excitement next week.
            Final thought : When Jeff says “If you have an advantage…and you’d like to play it, now would be the time to do so” is a moot point coz most of the advantages in this era are played in secret in the voting booth now.

  2. Massive Survivor junkie who has ravenously consumed every Aussie and US (and several South African) seasons here. But this looks and feels like that old, awful Channel 9 stab, hosted by some Love Island douchebag.

    1. The uk host is not/has not been on love island.
      He was on the comedy circuit and now does prime time television, including the masked singer uk and a game show.
      He’s actually got a great rep in the uk.

      1. I stand corrected (though I simply meant he had the look and presence of a Love Island douchebag), @melbinuk. Just going by my first impressions from this trailer.

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