A Survivor meltdown of epic proportions

This was surely a time to call in the island psychologist.

Viewers of Survivor were witness to a contestant meltdown of epic proportions last night when Liz screamed in desperation after missing out on a food reward.

It was very uncomfortable viewing.

Liz, who it turns out is allergic to coconuts and most island foods, hadn’t eaten properly in weeks. Just to load the situation more, the reward of Applebees burgers and fries is a weekly treat she shares with her daughter back home.

So when contestant Q did not choose her, her emotions unleashed for the cameras.

“I’m pissed,” yelled Liz.

“I see you eat every day. Q, you almost blew up my whole game,” she continued. “You overshadowed everything I was trying to do.

“I don’t even want to be around y’all.”

She then calmed down and apologised.

“I don’t even think I’ve screamed that hard during my divorce… I really wanted that connection to my kid.”

Host Jeff Probst reminded her she didn’t need to apologise for her emotions, but it might have been assuring to viewers to have her consult with the show’s medical team, just as they do for physical injuries.

Speaking later about the outburst on his podcast he said, “My reaction on the day was very similar to the reaction I had just now hearing it again on this podcast. It’s obviously upsetting. That’s real emotion and absolute vulnerability.”

“I have a lot of empathy for Liz, but it is also part of the adventure that comes with playing this game because it is designed to push you, and sometimes it does push you so far out of your comfort zone that you break down in some way.”

On social media many were unimpressed with Liz’s outburst, claiming Q owed her nothing and she chose to participate in the series, knowing her allergies.

Probst added, “This is the kind of moment on Survivor when a lot of people will make fun, and there will be memes. But imagine that’s you, and for whatever reason you’ve been triggered in the same way. I mean, that is proof that you forget about the cameras because there’s no facade going on there.”

Source: EW

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  1. We continue to talk about Survivor for all the wrong reasons due to poor casting and appalling behaviour from individuals. The level of entitlement from Liz was sickening. Alleged allergies (read : Privileged preferences) stop her from eating anything on an island yet she devours a whole menu of junk from a fast food chain. Plus her attitude towards Q (not the smartest or kindest player either, but he won fair and square and wasn’t even aligned with her) was disgusting. Yet Survivor allowing this circus reminded me of The Amazing Race’s ‘Family Edition’ (2005) which will be most remembered for bullying, poor contestant behaviour and the inclusion of a challenge which exploited the trauma of one family. Add to that, the OTT slathering of advertorial content for the fast food chain made this possibly the worst episode in the worst season of Survivor’s entire history.

    1. Really good points here!!! The entitlement was gobsmacking. I can’t wait to listen to the podcast and see what Jeff, Jay & Dee discuss! I agree it’s the worst episode of the season!!

    2. I’m sorry but who are any of us to write off somebodies food allergies as “privileged preferences”. From memory she has listed about 6 food stuffs she is allergic to, that she says gives her a reaction that causes her throat to close. There has been nothing to indicate that any of this is untrue. Now I will agree with others that she would have been advised of what food options would be available to her and she chose to go ahead. I would suspect that she would be getting monitored medically fairly closely and wouldn’t be surprised if she was being given some sort of food supplement (the show does have a duty of care im sure they take seriously). But at the end of the day she’s tired and hungry and had a little vent and if it comes down to it shes free to leave when ever she wants.

  2. I did feel for her but was actually hoping he wouldn’t pick her, she voted for him and was working to get him out and it is a game with which he was trying to make moves with this win. As others have said also maybe this show isn’t for you if you won’t be able to eat anything you can scavenge on the island for the whole duration of the show. Luckily later in the show she was able to secure a personal container of rice to eat.

  3. I don’t understand how you can be allergic to all fruits/nuts on an island but have no problem with eating burgers!! Surely some research needed to be done on what naturally grows in Fiji before applying for the show – if you do the research and still come to the conclusion that potentially for 26 days you won’t be eating, then go for it and suck it up! You made the choice – no one owes you anything especially when you voted for them the night before!!

  4. I did feel really bad for her but for someone who has so many allergies Survivor probably isn’t the right show for her. There was someone a few years got really upset when they weren’t picked for a reward when it was their birthday. But they did most of their venting back at camp.

  5. Yeah, I had no sympathy for her either. Q indeed owed her nothing. We can understand her feelings, but it was still self-entitled of her to expect favour. Very silly of her to part take if game conditions were to knowingly effect her so badly. I was gratified by the blindside at elimination. Q doesn’t deserve her vindictiveness.

  6. I understand she might have been in a bad place mentally but she chose to go on the show knowing she would have nothing or very little to eat given her allergies so she should not have abused Q…her allergies etc are not his fault (by the way I don’t like him or the way he is playing). Also I think the show’s producers and doctors should not have approved her to play at all. I am left wondering if she is just a good actor.

  7. I’m up to Ep3 of the current season – a few months behind and I’ve watched almost all of the survivor seasons since the very first in 2000.

    It seems that in the current season, the players are having more of an emotional reaction to every bit of the game, compared with previous seasons.

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