Survivor US plea to fans: “Please consider embracing kindness”

Survivor fans are getting heated in their online commentary, prompting a not so subtle reminder.

Survivor US has made a plea to its very fervent fan base to simmer their passion on social media.

It’s not clear why the show has felt the need to remind its audience to remain respectful, but this past season was noteworthy for the uncomfortable meltdown by Liz after missing out on a food reward, and for the surprise finale vote by Maria who voted for Kenzie over her series ally Charlie.

“I was really shocked,” Charlie told EW. “I mean, I said it I think in the after-show. I haven’t watched the after-show in full yet, and I think they showed it very barely on the show, but it was very stark. One of the very last things she said to me before getting voted out was, ‘Get to the final three. You’ve got my vote.’ So I don’t know what more I can do. It feels to me almost like it’s like a perfect control experiment. Obviously, I have to perform at final Tribal, that’s always on me. But in terms of thinking I had someone’s vote going in, yeah, I really did think I had Maria’s vote 1000%.”

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  1. There was a lot of hate directed at Maria for not voting for Charlie – absolutely not on! It’s a game and a tv show! People need to take a chill pill! Charlie would have won had Maria voted for him (would have been a 4-4 tie and Ben would have gone to the jury and had the deciding vote which he said would have gone to Charlie) – so if Charlie is gracious towards Maria then how dare the viewers send her hate!!

  2. Lest we forget the treatment and utter humiliation of Bhanu early in the season. Truth be told, he was a fish out of water; a very poor player. But there was an uncomfortably large amount of air time dedicated to his ineptitude and the frustrations from his tribe mates. It was all round a badly cast season which lead to so much of whatever-the-opposite-of-feelgood-television is. Let us put it all behind us and look forward to a more positively spirited season forty-several.

  3. There were a lot of nasty comments directed at Liz, especially after that meltdown. It’s easy to judge from sitting in your comfortable loungeroom being well fed. You don’t know what it’s like out there with lack of food & sleep. Yes it probably was the wrong show to go on with all her dietary restrictions. She probably should have done Big Brother or Amazing Race.

  4. Ultimately viewers and participants need to remember its a game and irrational hatred is part of the course with reality TV, but it’s always worth taking a breath before you post.

    I also think there is a huge difference between someone stating on their account in reaction to a moment that “X is a bitch” to tagging someone in and saying “You’re a bitch” – one is commenting on what they’re watching, the other feels a personal attack.

    There is no doubt social media abuse is a very real problem but it’s also clear that some frame any kind of criticism or accountability of behaviour as “abuse”.

    1. I always try to pause before I post any comment online and wonder if I would say my comment to a (stranger) person’s face. If I wouldn’t, I don’t post it.

      I agree with your distinction as well. Although it’s sometimes hard to predict how a stranger interpretes a comment, so if someone interpretes my comment differently from what I intended I try to clarify and/or apologize if needed. And I try to clearly distinguish between facts, including referencing source(s), and my opinions.

  5. This is laughable. None of the contestants are forced to be there, indeed most of them apply for the attention and the experience, and for the momentary hope of cashing in. If they don’t want to be the subject of spirited (but often cruel) fan commentary, they shouldn’t be there.

      1. The article doesn’t mention bullying or abuse. Nor does negative or critical commentary necessarily constitute such a thing. If you’re going to be on a public show, you should be prepared for the public scrutiny that inevitably comes with it, especially when such a show can be manipulated specifically to elicit such reactions from the viewers.

    1. Wow what an awful view of the world you must have. From what I can gather you think people basically deserve to be harassed, because they are there and you can. The fact that a specific post was made to address this means people went above and beyond in their “cruel” commentary.

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