“We bonded over Survivor”: Bryan Brown, Reality TV fan…

Actor / producer Bryan Brown surprised the National Press Club when he championed Reality TV last week in Canberra.

Last week at the National Press Club actor / producer Bryan Brown was advocating for streaming platforms to invest more of their revenue into Australian content.

But when he was asked about the prevelance of Reality TV he gave a very surprising answer.

“When my son was eight or nine years old, the first Survivor started. I said, ‘We’re going to watch that.’ And we did. we’d watch it every Wednesday night or whatever it was. It was our thing. We bonded over Survivor. I’m so glad Survivor happened. I’m so glad I got to share that with my son. And then my daughter was into food,” he said.

MasterChef started … and you know, like I eat hamburgers. So, we sat down and we started watching MasterChef and talked about food and whatever for about eight weeks. Then she had to go somewhere. Overseas or something.

“The ninth week I turned it on,” he admitted.

“I get caught up in it. Totally. You know, I enjoy it. It’s entertainment. There’s various forms of entertainment. People have hard lives and say, ‘Give me something that makes me not think about what I’m going through at the moment.'”

He added, “…..as to whether the commercial channels should be doing that because it’s cheaper -hey they’re things that have got to be worked out too.

“There’s a place for it. I’ve enjoyed so much different Reality television. I don’t knock it.”

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