Jeff Probst, looks to Survivor 51 and beyond…

"‘How are we going to get to 50?" host and exec producer ponders. "And then, ‘What’s 51?'"

And here I was thinking Jeff Probst would be done by Survivor Season 50.

Nope. According to his latest interview with Variety, he is looking to much more.

“When you’re in an executive producer position, you have to have a global look at the show. I can’t just be worried about this season. I have to go, ‘How are we going to get to 50?’ And then, ‘What’s 51? How do we get to 60?’ So, I’m always taking a big picture view,” he said.

“I just started a file for Season 51. Because I thought, I have an idea of something fun for 50, and then what are we going to do for 51? Not some dramatic change but another layer. It does take time to think about,” he says. “The file for 51, it’s just scribbles. But you have to be great every time; you can’t have a lousy season of Survivor.”

Acknowledging the pressure he adds, “This is the greatest job I will ever have. I do not want to be the one to drop the glass ball. I care so much. We’re not going to get stuck out of fear.”

Survivor 47 is due later this year leaving Survivor 50 as early 2026 all being well. The article is a must-read for any devotee, taling about how the show has evolved over its 24 years on air.

“We’ve gone from 39 days delivering 16 hours, to 26 days delivering 22 hours. I am proud that we were able to pull it off. It’s a Herculean effort by our teams,” Probst says. “But we like it, and I feel like we do have a new era. And to go to 39 days just doesn’t interest me. This game works.”

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  1. As a massive Survivor fan who has felt pained by the casting and lack of excitement in the last few seasons, I was rather looking forward to a potential complete overhaul of host and maybe format for 51+ but this gives me less reason to feel good about its future to be honest. I really hope Forty-Several, 48 and 49 gain back the momentum for the next era.

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