Jeff Probst locks onto returning players for Survivor 50

Survivor host turns to the fans to ask how they should mark a milestone season.

A week ago Survivor US  was undecided about what they might plot for their 50th season -but at a recent fan event, Jeff Probst consulted the audience and appeared to lock it in.

On Saturday night at the Ovation Hollywood complex in Los Angeles, Probst asked the crowd, “Survivor 50 is coming down the corner. The truth is, we really do focus on 47 and 48, that’s what we’re heading out to shoot next, and then we have to shoot 49. But we know 50 is coming, so I am curious, is there a feeling, should 50 be another season with new players and don’t make it a big deal?”

“Or should it be returning players?”

The crowd applauded rapturously.

He then announced, “In the spirit of, sometimes letting the game be in the hands of the fans, I feel like — and there are a couple of people from CBS right now going ‘Oh my God, what is happening?’ — I feel like we should just commit and make this the moment where we decide that Survivor 50 will be retuning players. I don’t know what is going to happen after this, but I’m pretty sure we’re committed.”

A week earlier he had told Deadline, “We still have 47, 48, and 49, and you might think I’m deflecting, but I don’t. To me, those are stress-inducing problems. What are we going to do in 47? What are we going to do in 48? What are we going to do in 49?”

Survivor 46 is curently screening on 9GO!

Source: Deadline


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  1. I’ve been convinced Survivor 50 will be the last season and it should go out on an absolute bang (akin to what S40 was denied due to the COVID virtual reunion despite being a great season).

    However, here’s three casting speculations :
    1: The best players from season 41-49, ‘New Era All Stars’.

    2: A season 1 rematch. Richard Hatch gets removed from the game on the way to the island for inappropriate nudity on the boat out; Rewards in challenges include pain relief and hip replacements; Rudy still wins.

    3: Jeff introduces a cast of all time powerhouse all-stars (big muscles, egos and personalities) on day 1 noting there is one free spot left. He takes that himself and plays. Rupert steps in to host.

    No matter what they do, it can only be better than the current season.

  2. I have enjoyed Survivor US in 90 minutes – I love getting to see more of these interesting (and occasionally silly) character moments – like “Guys Night” on 45 and the Hide n Seek game a few weeks ago – especially seeing the game through Q’s eyes (who is a muppet in the best TV sense). It was tedious early this season with the Banu drama (especially since the first few eps were 2 hours), but otherwise very happy

    Jury is still out on 90 min TARUS. Last season (35) was produced and designed with 90 minutes in mind had a few great episodes (especially later on). This current season (36) is hard to judge as it was produced before 35 and with Covid precautions and game designed to be presented as a 12 episode, 60 minute show not 10 eps of 90 min shows (the mega-leg from a few weeks ago was meant to be two 60 min eps and felt whiplash tight, while other recent eps with fewer teams feel very bloated). I’d be keen to see one or two more 90 min seasons as a test case.

  3. The crowd indicates support for new players and Jeff takes that to mean “returning players”.
    He’s a terrible listener for a wannabe talk show host.

  4. For me I hope they revert back to tight one hour episodes. Both Survivor and Amazing Race US versions have suffered from needing to be padded out to 90 mins …. Strangely I like the Oz versions long but not so the US episodes

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