Returning: Supernatural

Supernatural fans rejoice. The Winchester boys are indeed back, from Monday March 29th.

TEN has confirmed the return of the Winchester brothers.

Supernatural is back in its traditional timeslot of 9:30pm Mondays from March 29th.

It returns with S5E7 “The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester.”

The move will surely please fans who were furious with the TEN after it was removed in December. It attracted a slew of complaints online, including on TV Tonight, and even triggered a postcard campaign directed at the network (“you blogged, we listened?)

Good News Week will air for 60 minutes on March 29th to accommodate the drama’s return in the first week of Easter non-ratings.

Supernatural was recently renewed for a 6th season.

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  1. Come on!!!
    i always get excited when i hear supernaturals back on, althought sometimes i dont even know its ganna be on, i just happen to notic it in digital tv guide, but i am sick and tired of just getting into the season and then having it cut off….Again……I need my dose of supernatural people.
    The show needs a reliable time slot.

  2. Well they did it again promised the return of Supernatural, aired 3 episodes and pulled the plug again!!!!! Wake up Channel 10 change the damm timeslot GNW always runs over put Supernatural on at a decent time, isnt it about time you give the show the credit it deserves!!!! or are you just planing on showing up at the AHBL II convention in May for the fun of it.
    Do the right thing!!!!!

  3. Look at Virgin Living in UK.. They are doing a Fantastic viral campaign for Supernatural. If a network like Ten are lazy to promo a show… you’re in the wrong business. It’s show biz! So Show off! Give Supernatural a campaign they deserve.

  4. lets hope that all the info that is out there on supernaturals return is true and not just another ploy by channel ten to get us interested in the other garbage they have on air at the moment.Shame on channel ten for not listening to there viewers in this matter,as for me i very rarely watch anything on this channel anymore.

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