Tara Moss joins Foxtel

Crime author Tara Moss will present an 8 part series that delves into the psyche of some of Australia’s most hardened criminals for the CI Network.

Tough Nuts, to premiere on June 24, will feature interviews with psychologists, police officers and convicted criminals plus dramatised reconstructions of some of Australia’s most notorious crimes. The series will expose ‘the fact behind the fiction and give viewers a revealing insight in to what can cause seemingly normal people to turn bad.’

From June Moss will also become ‘Ambassador of Crime’ for the 13th Street Universal Channel with Tara Moss in Conversation, a series of crime writing interstitials with book reviews, interviews with crime authors and news about upcoming local and international crime releases.

The Canadian-born model-turned-writer has five bestselling crime novels that have been published in seventeen countries in eleven languages, and garnered nominations from the Ned Kelly and the Davitt writing awards.

“My new role on the Crime & Investigation Network feels like a natural progression from my career as a crime writer and my research into criminal psychology, profiling and violent crime over the past twelve years,” said Moss.

“Australia’s real life crime history is intriguing and to be able delve in to the psychological makeup of the career criminals featured in Tough Nuts fascinates me.

“As a fan of the crime genre, it will also be a pleasure to interview other crime writers and share my favorite books with 13th Street viewers.”

Jim Buchan, Group Channel Manager, CI Network added, “Tara’s successful career as a crime writer combined with her impressive research in to the world of crime makes her the perfect choice for this new series. I’m delighted to have her on board.”


  1. Tara Moss may be able to write but she has no skills whatsoever as a presenter. Her voice is dull and uninteresting as are her mannerisms, and I find having an american reading about Australian history is ridiculous, particularly when we have so many talented Australian women who are trained as TV broadcasters who would add some personality to the role.

  2. We got rid of Foxtel at the end of January this year and after ten and a half years with it must say, haven’t missed it one bit.

    After reading stuff like this being shown on there, no wonder!

  3. I agree with Moo Cow! Beauty & brains is a rare combination for anyone. Which begs the question: Why isn’t Tara Moss our dear-leader, & we her grateful slaves?

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