ASTRA Awards 2011: Random Acts of Carpet-ness

Pay TV's stars braved the damp weather to walk the Red Carpet at the ASTRA Awards and TV Tonight was there to snap the pics and pop some questions.

On Thursday night Pay TV’s stars braved the damp weather to walk the Red Carpet at the ASTRA Awards.

From the world of Drama, Comedy, Documentary, News, Music, Light Entertainment, Children’s and more.

TV Tonight was there to snap the pics and pop some questions…

Claudia Karvan on Spirited:
“It’s very nerve-wracking getting a first series together so a lot of the hard work has been done and it was time to have fun.”

Any decision on a third season?

“Probably in September, maybe even in October. But we’re champing at the bit. We feel like there’s a lot more fun yet to be had.”

(Writer / Producer) Jacquelin Perske on Sprited‘s second season:
“There’s a lot more romance. The other ghosts come to the building and cause a lot of trouble. There’s more supernatural shenanigans, a bit of magic and some very heartbreaking moments too.”

Laura Dundovic on Dating in the Dark and whether the next series will stick with the same house, filmed at Whale Beach:
“We’re not sure yet. They’re talking about maybe a new location. It could be interesting.”

Andrew Winter says Selling Houses Australia has begun production on its next season.
“We’ve already kicked off filming, literally last week,” he said.

“Next week we’re in Queensland but after that I have no idea.

“They’re all very much makeover, DIY stuff. No-one’s doing the housing market, I’m glad to say.”

Justine Clarke on Dan Wyllie joining Tangle.

“I don’t have much to do with him. ‘Allie’ doesn’t really approve.

“‘Nat’ (Kat Stewart) and ‘Chub’ (Wyllie) have been grilling away getting to know each other. Next week he introduces himself back into the family, and charms his way in.”

Tara Moss on Tough Nuts’ next episode.

“The interesting thing about Stan Smith is he’s not as well-known as a name because although he was one of the most successful, if you will, hit-men in Australia he was very successful at keeping his name out of the papers. So he was a very big player.

“He ties in with out first episode about Christopher Dale Flannery ‘Rentakill’ because Stan Smith is said to have killed Flannery, and that was a previously unsolved case. So it’s quite an interesting episode in terms of television.”

Cloudstreet‘s Steve Curry on his next project:

The Cup is coming out in October and I’ve got another film but I haven’t really signed on the dotted line, hopefully shooting September, October.”

Billy Russell on his Channel [V] career since winning the presenter search contest:
“It still doesn’t feel normal, it still feels like a novelty where I have that nervousness I had on that first day.

“One of the highlights for me was presenting at the Independent Music Awards at Melbourne. There were so many bands on stage who I loved and I presented the Independent Artist of the Year and gave it to Dan Sultan. It was the kind of event I would have loved to have been invited to let alone present an award and I just thought ‘Things have changed!’

Lincoln Lewis on SLiDE:

“It’s very different. It pushes the boundaries. A lot of shows that are made for a young audience they have to censor a lot. This show pushes the boundaries but doesn’t cross the fine line. It truly shows what teenagers go through.”

Ben Schumann on whether SLiDE is an Aussie Skins:
“It’s got it’s own unique feel to it. It’s got the Skins tag to it but I think it really comes into its own. We’re really excited by how it’s come out.”

Brenton Thwaites on SLiDE:
“It’s easy to say it falls under Skins but I don’t think it does. It’s totally different. It’s funnier, it’s more edgy and it’s Australian, it will connect with Aussies.”

Charlotte Dawson on Australia’s Next Top Model:
“We start with 100 girls. At the end of episode one there’s a massive surprise, and really the end of episode one will set the tone for the whole series. It will up the ante. But we kind of do every year because we’re a destination programme, with a really loyal audience. They love the show and they don’t want it messed with. But they do expect bigger and better.”

Amanda Bishop on going from Penelope K, By The Way:
“We did a lot of research, autistic children, and we surveyed the country really as to what they were going to be ready for. I’m equally proud of every project I do.”

Craig Reucassel on whether there will be more Balls of Steel Australia:
“There might be. There’s talk of it. It seemed to do pretty well for the Comedy Channel. But I’ve got no power to officially announce it.”

Peter Maddison from Grand Designs Australia on shooting upcoming seasons:
“I’m only allowed to say the second series or I’ll get into trouble.

“We’re moving to different states, for instance there’s Kangaroo Island, King Island, all the way up the Eastern seaboard to Palm Cove near Port Douglas. And we’re trying to get something over in the West. There’s still room for a few more episodes.”

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