TV theme mash-up

Seeing as we all love TV themes, check out this too, too clever mash-up of themes fusing 22 themes into 7 minutes.

There’s a slew of favourite themes here including Cheers, Friends, The Simpsons and plenty of more obscure reminders from shows such as Firefly, True Blood, The Office, Charles in Charge …ok, let’s not spoil the fun anymore.

Apparently it’s ALL one guy, ‘FreddeGredde.’ Talented lil’ s***!


  1. @Matt he probably picked a mix of popular theme songs, and theme songs for shows he actually likes. I looked up his youtube page, and he’s swedish. I think it’s very cool!

  2. that was really great; please keep bringing us little gems like this David he was fantastic; lots of talent there. And included almost every single one of my favourite series. The Theme to The Office has to be one of the catchiest tunes around whether people like the show or not shouldn’t matter 🙂

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