AFL Monday night match

On Monday May 10th Seven has a prime time AFL match in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, resulting in a movie for Sydney & Brissy.

On Monday May 10th Seven airs a prime time AFL match between Carlton and St Kilda.

The match airs at 7:30pm in Melbourne, 10 minutes after kick off at 7:20pm. It will air at 8pm in Adelaide and 8:30pm in Perth.

In Melbourne Seven has the special Our Wild Weather at 10:45pm with 30 Rock at 11:45pm.

Updated: Sydney and Brissy viewers will get The Zoo, Find my Family followed by a Movie: Knocked Up.

Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters and Trauma will be out across the board on May 10.

Meanwhile Carlton has asked Seven to air its clash with Collingwood live in Melbourne this Sunday, so far to no avail.:

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  1. The AFL shows its lack of that muscle to influence 7 plays its games live in Qld and NSW. They are weak ! By not insisting that both Friday night and the special Monday game between Saint Kilda and Carlton is shown live indicates the AFL bosses lack of influence. Our family goes to the Gabba when the Lions play at home, and it surprises me to find how many there support other teams. The game is alive in Qld. If the AFL wants it to continue to grow there – and in NSW, then either Ten or 7 need to show games alive.

    What is on 7 tonight is junk in my book. I prefer to watch the ABC except when there is AFL or cricket to watch. some of the so-called US sitcoms and comedies are an insult to the average ‘Aussies’ intelligence. Barnacle Bill.

  2. it’s bad enough trying to watch a game on friday night when most people don’t have to go to work but if it’s done on a monday how are you supposed to stay up until 11.30pm and go to work the nextday? If you get it live in Adelaide it’s not too bad but with an 8:30pm start it’s crazy.
    When it’s on friday nights I can get a half time score from my computer when it starts on TV.

  3. Why aren’t channel 7 showing the game live between collingwood and carlton this Sunday?.
    cause they want us to get involved in damned car racing.
    what a load of crap.
    Where are your brains 7, you morons

  4. Damien and Greg – agree 100%. We just don’t watch Ch7 Friday football anymore.
    As to their excuse about Carlton v Coll on Sunday – thats rubbish too. There have been occasions when they have shown both game 7 and 8.
    This is without getting into their poor picture and sound quality, constantly complained about on other forums. They could learn a lot from Foxtel and One HD in the technical area. Both usually produce a high quality broadcast.
    Another vote for 7 to be excluded from the next AFL rights deal !

  5. I don’t bother complaining to Channel 7 Perth about their AFL coverage anymore, because they don’t care! They are an arrogant group that will not change their scheduling for just about anything. They won’t even move a West Coast or Fremantle Friday night game to an earlier timeslot than 8:30pm (3 hour delay). I can only hope that the AFL listens to the supporters and does not sell any AFL rights to Channel 7. I love AFL but can honestly say I have not watched one Friday night regular season game on Channel 7 during the current television rights deal. Sport is for watching live.

  6. That’s a 3 hour delay for us in the West once again. I haven’t watched a Friday night game at 8.30 for many years now, so i’m not about to watch a Monday night game at 8.30 either. It’s a movie for me that night. Thanks again 7 …. for nothing!

  7. why doesn’t 7 ever use easter non ratings to line up the states so that syd/bris dont have to take a week off midseason?

    as for the movie, 7 have a lot of premier movies banking up that could go in that slot. mamma mia!, forgetting sarah marshal, charlie wilson’s war, baby momma, indiana jones 4.

  8. That’s not fair! On the Monday of the Easter long weekend Seven aired double episodes of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ instead of ‘Desperate Housewives’, as a result, the exciting and much hyped about plane disaster episode was delayed a week. Now ‘Desperate Housewives’ is to have another week off. My family and I’m sure many others really wanna see the mystery solved of who the Fairview strangler is. If Seven have to air football on a Monday, can’t ‘Desperate Housewives’ be shown on another night?

    Not happy!

  9. Seven will show the St Kilda-Carlton match on 30 minute delay in Victoria? When the schedule first came out, it was revealed that the match would be shown on 8pm (one hour delay), so this is slightly better.
    @Scott: the match should be shown live on Main Event in QLD and NSW, just keep an eye on the AFL website from next Tuesday (May 4) onwards.

  10. thats actually a fair reason from 7 in Perth. What it highlights is that the AFL need to sort out the ‘blackout’ games in Adelaide & Perth in their next rights agreement. Contracts are contracts but the AFL should have seen this loophole and must fix it next time around.

  11. Whilst I’d be all for Monday Night AFL, I won’t be watching as it will be delayed 80-90 minutes into Adelaide. I’m glad the AFL are demanding live coverage (or I hope they are) in the current negotiations regarding TV rights, and pray that the incompetence that is the 7 Network will no longer have them.

  12. the following is a response from 7 perth about this sundays clash from melbourne Dear David

    Thank you for your email regarding next Sunday’s round six match between Carlton and Collingwood.

    The negotiations for the current AFL rights were very long and extremely complex. As part of the negotiations, Channel Seven gets the Friday night games and game 7 each weekend, no matter who is playing in Game 7 and Foxtel get games 6 and 8. However if a local team is playing in game 6 or 8 (local in WA means West Coast or Fremantle) then Seven gets to telecast these games. The reason for that is that the AFL and the Free to Air (FTA) Networks wanted to ensure local team coverage on FTA in their home states. In Adelaide and Victoria the same rule applies for their local teams.

    Network Ten gets two nominated Saturday games each week and the same rule applies for local teams in each respective state.

    Therefore, because Channel Seven Perth is telecasting the West Coast Eagles vs Fremantle game (a Foxtel allocated game), as part of our agreement with Foxtel, we are unable to show the Carlton vs Collingwood match until late on Sunday night.

    Thanks again for taking the time to contact to us.


    Program Department
    Channel Seven Perth

  13. Sorry 7, but if you can’t show it live (interstate) I won’t be watching. Amazing when you think the last 2 games in Adelaide have been screened live ‘against the gate’ on FTA.

  14. Wonder why they don’t just have it totally live? It will be more like 25/30 mins behind once they crap on about the game at the start! I guess in some ways it doesn’t bother me so much as I will probably tape it and watch it slightly deliayed to take out the ads anyway! If it isn’t live, why watch ads?

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