Big Bang becomes Theory for ratings war

Nine sure likes to keep us guessing….

As part of its firepower against Seven’s Pacific premiere, it has now slated a new episode of The Big Bang Theory to follow Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

S3E14 “The Einstein Approximation” will air at 9:30pm (presuming it gets to start on time) followed by a repeat. With episodes on GO! and Monday nights on Nine, it’s getting to be a bit of a guessing game as to knowing where the new episodes are.

A Cold Case repeat airs at 10:30pm.

Nine had originally scheduled a repeat of Underbelly, but this now shifts to 10:10pm Tuesday, knocking 20 to 1 (who said it was too late for Bert?) and Kitchen Nightmares USA out for the night.

Who else gets the feeling the scheduling tweaks for next week aren’t quite finished yet?


  1. Welcome to Channel Nine Programming. I used to watch the original CSI many years ago, now I don’t bother with it or anything but sports on Nine.

    They throw in so many repeats between new shows you don’t know what you’re watching and soon get sick of repeats of shows you only saw “five minutes ago”

  2. the channel nine programmers are a bunch of monkeys trying to find their bananas if running shows into the ground and changing schedules around and getting scarred of the oppositions shows i hope all the shows that night fail i gave up on channel 2&ahalfmen a long time ago, ill be watching the special air crash investigations and the pacific on 7 at least they don’t run shows in to the ground and keeps shows going and not screw around with them most of the time.

  3. I don’t think it will make any difference what they put after Hey Hey. Nine have screwed around with us for so many years it’s good to see them suffering a bit. New expisodes of Big Bang? How will anyone know? I gave up on Two and a Half Men because i got sick of seeing the same old stuff again and again. I could never find new episodes.

    Thats the trouble with Nine – they find a good programme that works, and then they thrash it and thrash it until we give up on it, even when there are still new episodes left to watch.

    We’d still be watching Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory if we thought we had an even chance of actually seeing a new episode.

  4. I think would’ve scheduled better having 20-01 on after Hey Hey! It doesn’t exactly need to be watched week in and week out; and whilst Big Bang doesn’t really need to either it could mess up the flow of new episodes.

    Plus 20-01 has a better flow more fitting with the variety theme of Hey Hey!

    I love Big Bang and I will PVR it cause I will not sit through a minute of Hey Hey. Just annoys me for a 30 minute show I’m going to have to have the timer set from 9.30 – 10.30 probably even longer; I’ll probably set it for an hour and a half just incase; better yet I might just download that episode.

    @Daniel H thanks for the link; I’ll check it out again 🙂

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