10 Peach gets a Big Bang

Classic US sitcom to screen weeknights on 10 multichannel.

The Big Bang Theory has previously aired on Nine and Seven, but is now set to screen on 10 Peach.

The classic US sitcom is moving into an 8pm weeknight slot starting with the Pilot episode. It isn’t clear how many seasons 10 Peach has (Nine is understood to still have S12 rights).

Three episodes will screen at 8pm each weeknight from Monday, 14 September.

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  1. Fox Funny already airs 3 episodes of The Big Bang Theory every night from 7.30 – 9pm. If 10 Peach is going for 8 – 9.30pm, then it will be interesting to see what happens in the ratings during the overlap.

  2. Surely CBS could use Peach to air some of their US schedule that we don’t already see. You just never know what might catch on. Has to be better than endless repeats no matter how classic the show is

    1. Yes it is quickly becoming the Aust version of CBS USA’s TV Land.

      Good pick-up though as HBO Max has Friends and Big Bang Theory as their number 1 and number 2 shows, so should do well for 10Peach in a consistent time-slot.

    2. I’m perfectly fine and completely onboard with 10Peach airing curated classic sitcoms they have a great selection. When your flicking around you don’t necessarily want to watch something that requires context for what happened in the prior episodes. Sitcoms are perfect for casual viewing which is all the multichannels are to me.

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