Update: Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon

With Lego Masters in play from Sunday, Nine is moving its US comedies again.

With Lego Masters in play from Sunday, Nine is moving its US comedies again.

The Big Bang Theory heads to an 8:40pm start with S12 E14 “The Meteorite Manifestation” which aired in the US in January.

With 22 episodes it doesn’t look good that Australia might see the finale same time as the US (May 9).

Alas Young Sheldon is out altogether having screened over the Easter break.

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  1. Really Channel 9? You have three channels to allow The Big Bang Theory to screen; 9HD, Gem and GO. Yet one person with authority decides to trample over viewers pleasure. Let me guess. People will find others means of watching the final episode and then Channel 9 will scratch their collective heads and wonder why numbers (ratings) are soft for the finale. Dir.

  2. I’m over all this too, stop starting the seasons. I’ve watched TBBT and YS elsewhere, so I’m up to date. Just wish Channel 9 stopped screwing with the viewers.

    @number it’s hard to screen on Thursdays with NRL commitments in some states, but I suppose they could screen YS on Go, like What 7 does to Home and Away on 72

    1. Big Bang is getting slightly more ratings than Young Sheldon. This week’s airings, 544K for Big Bang vs 482K for Young Sheldon.

      Could also be because of that impending finale date for Big Bang – though good luck to Nine if they think they can cram in 8 episodes in 2 weeks.

  3. Just over 2 weeks to go – why not do a couple of marathons and play the Big Bangs out in time. They do it all the time with repeats, why not with new ones, seeing they’re not rating like they used to. Will rate even worse if we’re seeing the finale a month after the US and we all know what has happened.

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