Collectors: April 23

William McInnes enthuses about democracy memorabilia housed at Old Parliament House. But how does Peter Jackson fit in this week?

Actor William McInnes has a busy week on the ABC this week.

Not only is he narrating the Kokoda special on Thursday night, but he appears on Collectors on Friday, talking about a collection of democracy related memorabilia housed at Old Parliament House’s new Museum of Australian Democracy.

And in his inimitable style he also discusses his personal collection of K-TEL items, including a bottle cutter and memories of the hairamatic, the vegematic slicer and record selector. Everything “As Seen on TV!”

From dogfighters to decipherers, tonight COLLECTORS celebrates Australia in the run up to ANZAC Day.

Early aviation enthusiast and movie director Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame, became involved with the Australian War Memorial in Canberra as producer of an action-packed multimedia exhibition, ‘Over the Front’. The exhibition takes a look at some of the pilots who fought those hard-won battles, and their magnificent flying machines.

We herald the precious gift of democracy with the world’s only museum dedicated to telling the story of democracy. Actor and author William McInnes is the Chair of the Old Parliament House board, and democracy is a subject dear to his heart. The new Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra is a showcase for this abstract idea. We also find out that McInnes is an avid collector as well. What of? Hint: ‘as seen on TV’.

Gordon finds a display of union banners that beautifully record in paint, a reminder of our Labour Day holiday and telegrapher collector, Ron McMullen, is a tapping whizz. His stunning collection of morse code paraphernalia is possibly the largest in the country.

It airs 8pm Friday on ABC1.

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