Nine launches FIXPlay, video catch-up.

Nine has launched its all-new catch-up video site, FIXPlay with streaming shows including Underbelly, V, The Mentalist, plus select titles from BBC.

Nine has launched its all-new catch-up video site, FIXPlay.

The NineMSN site, using Microsoft Silverlight , is themed to fit with its other FIX brands including TV FIX, and will offer streaming television shows including Underbelly, V, Getaway, Two and a Half Men, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Current episodes will be available to be viewed for up to 28 days after they have aired.

As well as Nine and Warner Bros titles it also has access to BBC Worldwide back-catalogue including Doctor Who, Little Britain, Spooks, Hotel Babylon, Torchwood, The Mighty Boosh, plus Digital Rights Group (DRG) content including Shameless, Balls of Steel and Father Ted.

It even lists Day of the Triffids with Dougray Scott and Joely Richardson, yet to air on Australian TV.

There will also be back-catalogue Nine titles including McLeod’s Daughters and Sea Patrol.

In the coming weeks it will add The Footy Show (AFL).

Niamh Collins, ninemsn’s Head of Entertainment, said: “We are so excited to be launching FIXPlay. Not only does it coincide with the premiere of Underbelly: The Golden Mile – meaning audiences can catch-up on aired episodes of this iconic program at any time – it also boasts a huge variety of local and international, current and back-catalogue programs for Australian audiences to enjoy.”

As with PLUS7 the site offers pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertising of 15, 30 and 60 seconds duration.

The site is live today at www.fixplay.com.au however some titles are still to be ingested.

Channel Nine – Catch-Up
Underbelly: The Golden Mile
Two and a Half Men
Cold Case
The Mentalist
The Footy Show (AFL)
Domestic Blitz
Big Bang Theory

GO! – Catch-Up
Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries
Channel Nine – Back-Catalogue
McLeod’s Daughters
Sea Patrol

DRG – Back-Catalogue
Peep Show
Derren Brown – The Series
Derren Brown – Trick of Mind
Balls of Steel
Green Wing
Black Books
Father Ted
The World of Lee Evans (stand-up)

BBC Worldwide – Back-Catalogue
Doctor Who
Little Britain
The Mighty Boosh
Day of the Triffids
Hotel Babylon

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  1. Ignoring most of the usual whingers here & their *really* tough lives, I’d like to welcome Nine into 2010 & say I’ll give FIXPlay a go one day.

    Craig, all you do on TV Tonight is say how you’re downloading this, & downloading that, yet you’re worried whether FIXPlay is unmetered or not? Give me a break!

  2. I am not sure if the ABC and SBS will be happy with the British programs (which they had aired) being able on demand on their own websites And ninemsn.

  3. The viewers finally have somewhere to watch shows they missed on GO (aside from the now defunct early morning repeats).

    I sure hope that more GO shows are added in due time. I have unfortunately missed the start of The Inbetweeners and Community, so i refuse to watch any episodes until i can watch the early episodes. When (and that is when) The Listener resumes, i’d hope to see it on FIXPlay too.

    Like anyone here, i’m sure we’d like to see every episode of every show that airs on either Nine or GO, or any other channel on FTA for that matter, but i can’t see that ever happening.

    At least they announced a formidable replacement for the new Home Shopping in the early morning on GO.

  4. Nine just doesn’t learn. People don’t want to have to download software to view catch-up videos. iView is a perfect solution. I am not really familiar with 7Plus I’ve only used it a couple of times and from when I’ve tried it it’s not bad.

  5. Good on ’em, at the moment they don’t have fringe or terminator but I’m sure those shows will be added soon.
    Still, it doesn’t take away from the fact that repeats of shows have stopped on Go!

  6. The one thing stopping me using this is the service is not unmetered, once that happens I might use it, maybe. I checked one show which was just under 40 mins long and it was 595Mb in size, where as other services are almost half that at around 350Mb. Why so big, is the quality that much better. I also have to wonder will the streaming break up if you don’t you have ADSL+2? iView has much smaller files sizes, less than 350Mb for 40 mins and the streaming is not 100% for me all the time on a 1.5Mbit connection ADSL.

    Sorry Nine (and Seven) I’m not using a bloated service which requires me to install other software and then watch as my data limit vanishes.

    Oh and please someone tell me Nine is not looking at stealing Doctor Who from the ABC!

  7. They have the block labeled as season 1 but it’s clearly season 2. It’s also too blurry to watch in full screen on my 15cm laptop. Will stick to BBC iplayer and Channel 4’s player.

  8. Maybe it’s because they are in their teething process – but i checked out a few videos and noticed very poor quality audio and video. Especially compared to the other channels’ offerings It’s even worse when streamed to my big HD TV. Hey even Hulu (ahem!) looks better on my TV even considering the path it has to take (ahem!).

    The BBC/DRG Back-Catalogue is probably the most interesting thing about this offering. I’d really prefer something without Silverlight though! Australia really needs it’s own version of Hulu!

  9. The main problem with some of these is, there’s no real good way to watch them on TV.

    If the WD TV boxes or something similar supported them, that would be sweet.

  10. Why can’t they all just get along and use the iview platform (or something similar) and have all shows on there in a hulu fashion.

    Then we can finally have nice things, like streaming onto the PS3, mobile phones, and TiVo’s.

    But given the current state of TV in Australia, I don’t have my hopes up at all

  11. Current site contents: “Coming soon”. In plain text. That’s it.

    I’m one of more than a few people, by the way, who aren’t about to install Silverlight any time soon.

  12. Spooks! That’s unexpected but welcome. I hope they have the excellent first three seasons rather than the tripe the BBC has been serving up lately.

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