Airdate: Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage: Great Britain & Ireland

The latest special for Hamish and Andy will air on TEN at 8pm Thursday June 17th.

Armed with only a campervan, their wits and a misplaced sense of adventure, who knows what lies ahead for Hamish and Andy as they drive from Cork to London in 12 days.

Glee won’t air on this night.


  1. Oh dear – hell hath no fury like a Glee fan scorned!!

    You all didn’t really expect to see a whole series from start to finish uninterrupted did you? You did!? ha ha ha some people.

    I like H&A and they consistently rate well so I doubt David Mott will care about your complaints.

  2. bogan pride

    Not bagging a&h out. But i just don’t find them funny. Those two and the cast of gnw, are the only “comedians” i can watch an enite show of, with a dead pan expression on my face.

  3. Can’t they just not have GNW for 1 week and have Hamish And Andy take their place. It’s ridiculous to ever push glee back. i can see all the hate mail David Mott will get.

  4. Miss Glee for H&A? unacceptable! I love those boys, but Glee still wins! Why not put H&A on Wednesday after Masterchef? I’ll never understand the minds of programming directors at these networks.

  5. By the way, I’d just like to add that despite my dislike for glee, that doesn’t mean I don’t recognise and respect the show and the show’s creators for a show that is completely different from any other show on tv, and is a ground breaking concept.

  6. Phew, glad to get at least 1 week of relief from those scary glee promos on ten!! (I don’t mean to offend those who like glee, I’d honestly watch it if they got rid of all the singing and half the actors)

  7. bumping Glee mucks with Columbia’s next Extended Play release (scheduled for 18 June).

    Actually, and completely sidetracked, the relationship between the music publishing and the TV show is kind of a throwback: Warner Bros early Merrie Melodies were probably the first example of this synergy where, in that case, the cartoons were there to sell gramophone records and sheet music.

  8. I can understand why some people are frustrated to see Glee not being shown that night. Hamish and Andy begin their 12-day trip this weekend, and the TV special will air six days after the journey ends, while listeners still have fresh memory of the radio broadcast.

  9. I love Hamish and Andy but I am not impressed with ten taking Glee off for a week to play this. Surely it could have gone on another night? Not happy Channel 10!

  10. What a dumb programming move TEN! Play out Glee then air this; it’ll still get a Masterchef leadin; what’s the deal????? GRRRRR!!!!!!

  11. Why promote the hell out of Glee to shaft it for a week for a Hamish & Andy special…. unless – this is a big test for a variety/chat show later this year?

    But still, can’t they just stick this on another night and leave Glee on?

  12. This doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they just air it on Wednesdays instead of Lie to Me for one week, I doubt it will rate higher than Glee.

  13. I dont beleive 10 are dropping Glee for this. I like Hamish and Andy but come on!!! Glee is Fantastic, H&A are just ok. This change is a dumb mistake.

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