UK comedy Outnumbered is airing on ABC2.

Written, directed and produced by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, co-creators of Drop the Dead Donkey, it uses elements of improvisation with child actors. Presumably some of them have been fed the situations to enact but the results are still pretty funny.

Outnumbered follows the battle of wills between two parents and their three young children, who are seemingly locked into a never-ending contest to see just whose patience will run out first. Testing theories such as not buying broccoli to save money on the weekly shop, and whether or not Jesus should have used his superpowers to combat Herod, the kids ponder the imponderables in the part-improvised comedy that shows how living with kids can provide at turns the funniest and the most cringeworthy experiences available to us all. Many will recognise how the parents (Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner) are just attempting to raise their kids with the minimum of emotional damage for all concerned.

It airs 8:00pm Tuesdays on ABC2.



  1. Thanks guys – DTDD and Spaced are two of my favourite English comedies so very excited! I’ll catch up with iView then be watching next Tuesday.

  2. Sorry David, you are one week late. Outnumbered began on ABC2 on Tuesday (May 18), and was watched by 46,000 viewers. There was a preview in last week’s Green Guide.

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