Cameras roll on more Jesters

Movie Extra began shooting its second season of The Jesters in Sydney on Monday.

The second season, again looking at the inner workings of a satirical comedy TV series, returns with Mick Molloy (Crackerjack, The Late Show), Susie Porter (East West 101, RAN), Deborah Kennedy (The Sum of Us, Neighbours) Andrew Ryan (Tomorrow When The War Began), Emily Taheny (Comedy Inc), Ben Geurens, Christian Barratt-Hill, and Travis Cotton also returning.

Kevin Brumpton and Angus FitzSimons (Comedy Inc, CNNNN, The Big Bite, Good News Week) return as writers with FitzSimons also directing the series.

Profile guest stars are also promised for the new season, some playing characters, some playing themselves.

Movie Network Channel’s, Peter Jenetsky, said, “Movie Extra is incredibly excited to welcome back all of our original cast members for a 2nd season of this truly original and clever Australian comedy.

“In Season One they formed a talented and entertaining ensemble with great chemistry and we are delighted that everyone is back on board and ready to let loose again to expose the ‘underbelly’ of the media industry.”

It is expected to air on Movie Extra in early 2011.


  1. I thought satire was making fun of something to make a point. Bugger, now I know better. I along with Sam Hill will be cancelling my Foxtel subscription just so Movie Extra gets the point of our protest. I invite all other pretentious prats to join us in our pointless campaign. Just don’t make any jokes about it, and all will be fine. Let the protest begin. I bet Movie Extra are really nervous now….

  2. The Jesters would be funny if it was more like the chaser. If it was not fictional but instead based in reality and featured guerrila performers who infiltrated political events and disrupted them to a satirical end. Instead these characters, all played by actors (including the always hilarious Travis Cotton who should be given his own tonight show) are given nothing to do but follow scripts. Do you think the chaser had scripts when they infiltrated the ASIO summit? Of course they didn’t!! They just said whatever they felt like and it was funny as s**t. There’s nothing satirucal about making fun of things just to make some stupid point!! You can make a second series but I, for one, will not be watching, Movie Extra.

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