GO! daytime amendments

A few shows on GO! will have their first-run in daytime slots due to Tasmanian school holidays and the requirement for PG content during the day.

They are as follows:

Wife Swap begins 2pm Monday May 31 and continues weekdays.

The Hills 1pm Tuesday June 1 (double ep) continues Tuesdays.

The Bachelor: Where Are They Now? 1pm Friday June 4

The Moment of Truth 1pm Fri June 11

Repeats of M rated shows affected by these moves include Terminator, Gossip Girl, The Gathering and Starsky and Hutch.

The Bachelor: London Calling will remain at 8:30pm Tues June 8 without the “Where Are They Now” episode.


  1. Just want to ask are we in 2010? Are we in a technological age where many things are possible?

    Then why can’t GO be shown in Darwin?

  2. Glad about the Bachelor, but what is the episode shown on Friday before it officaly starts? Is it just showing where the past couples are?

  3. Andrew and next week Community repeats are replaced by Here’s Lucy. Groan. Go went cheap and only bought the rights to a few seasons of Frasier.

  4. They just don’t see this. I mean the bachelor is not kid friendly, the hills is OK, The moment of truth is a little bit adult, And wife swap is very controversial in the content, so kids might think it’s OK to swap mum for another mum!

  5. What has happened to Frasier at 12pm weekdays? The eight season just finished and they’ve not gone into the ninth instead opting for showing repeats of Community.

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