Multichannels surge on Saturday night

On Saturday night 7TWO pulled a share of 5.9% while GO! had 5.6%.

7TWO and GO! are picking up more viewers on Saturday nights.

While Seven and Nine are showing movies, and TEN has AFL, viewers are broadening their viewing options with more choices.

On Saturday night 7TWO pulled a share of 5.9% while GO! had 5.6%. Similar figures have been netted in previous weeks.

A Touch of Frost pulled 307,000 for 7TWO while Ghost Rider was 260,000 for GO! Heartbeat managed another 246,000 for 7TWO.

The 7TWO share helped Seven to win Saturday night over the ABC.

ABC1 scored the highest primary channel share for the night.

Week 22

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  1. How can you compare the two channels ratings? When one channel still isn’t shown Australia wide.

    Go still isn’t shown in some capital cities…. ie Darwin. Still don’t understand why, it is 2010 and they can’t get the TV signal right to show it????

  2. making 3rd channels is not as black&white as it was to make a 2nd channel. a 3rd channel means sacrificing HD simulcasting of the primary channel. for 7&9 that already have a succesful 2nd channel i don’t think 3rds should be a high priority. ten on the other hand really should be looking into it as they have already dumped HD simulcasting and could really use some extra shares points.

  3. Fans of British drama are home on a Saturday night, which is probably why a Touch of Frost and ABC1 did so well. In fact, I think ABC has been catering to this audience in this timeslot for quite some time now.

  4. No surprise there. While Seven and Nine are showing family friendly fare on their main channels the adults who don’t go out on a Saturday night are looking for some adult entertainment.

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