Red Carpet recovery

It's time for TV Tonight's annual grab-fest of quotes from the Red Carpet as Matt Preston, Carrie Bickmore, Myf Warhurst, Richard Reid, Kerri-Anne and more 'fess up.

The recovery from the Logies begins, as yours truly finally finds time to transcribe all those quotes from the Red Carpet and bring you various bits of goss, news and reactions once again.

Here in no particular order is a selection of random questions and answers from Australia’s TV glitterati….

Scott Cam on The Block and whether it will retain its bitchy, domestic reality in 2010:

“We start in about a month, but I can’t tell you anything about it. I know where it is and who’s in it.

“I don’t think it will be bitchy, but it could be, depending on who’s there. If they’re bitchy people, there’ll be bitchy stuff goin’ on. It’s all gonna be a secret. It’s a great block and there’ll be a few little changes happening with the people that we’ve got going in there.”

Kerri-Anne Kennerley was tactful when asked if there should be more than one woman in our Hall of Fame:

“I think it’s great to celebrate everybody in television, when it’s timely. Hall of Fame is for the people who have put in so many years and are perhaps at their twilight. I’m not twilight yet. I’m not even a vampire.”

Julie Goodwin on MasterChef‘s Logie chances, and her advice to new contestants:

“I hope it wins. The producers really deserve to be rewarded for what they put out there.

“There’s some hot competition this year and I’m enjoying it.

“Hang in there. It’s going to be wild. Just hold on tight.”

Matt Preston on MasterChef‘s current ratings:

“Oh my god. We knew we had a good show and people would watch, but the idea of actually consistently beating such huge shows… if we talk about moving half an hour later there’s The Pacific, Got Talent… it’s crazy.”

I also questioned him on whether the new season was undergoing a subtle shift in tone.

He replied: “You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say these people don’t care about each other when they’re crying about them going out. Jonathan’s an interesting character because I think he polarises people in the house quite quickly.”

Of last week’s Italian Restaurant challenge he said, “What was interesting about the challenge was, it was the first outside challenge we had where a team failed. They totally crashed and burned.

“I think the tone’s set by our attitude to them and their food. We’ve always been tough but fair. But no, we love ’em.

“Never judge a show by a moment. Unless you’re a columnist in which case that moment is pivotal!”

Finally he adds, “I’d like less crying, please. Harden up I say.”

Richard Reid from Today was generous with the compliments.

“I look at your website every day. You’ve got all the great stories, and I’m telling you, I go to you for the ratings, and you deliver them in a timely fashion. I found out about Scott and The Block on your blog. I always turn to your blog, I always turn to TV Tonight. I’m not lying.”

Carrie Bickmore on questions of whether she qualifies as New Talent:

“First things first. I don’t pick the category, so I have no idea, you’re probably asking the wrong person. But the role I’m doing now on 7PM is so far removed from what I did on Rove it’s very different, and I guess it feels like a new role to me so why not be up for Best New Talent? I’m just happy to be nominated.”

She also spoke to show’s improved performance since Easter.

“The end of Daylight Saving really helped and MasterChef. It takes a while to get people into a routine of what they’re watching, gradually over time I think people have realised it’s a great option for 7:00.

“David Mott and the whole network believed in us from the beginning. They had a vision from the beginning and together we’ve got there and we’re really happy about it.”

Rhonda Burchmore on the tribute to Don Lane:

“I’ve been on many a red carpet and opening night with P.J.’s dad and it’s very much an honour not only as a special celebration to Don, but to be with P.J. tonight.

P.J. Lane added:

“The producer and the M.D. are all big fans of my dad. They all wanted to make sure he was remembered in the way he deserved to be.”

Jason Coleman responded to questions on whether Dance was about the favourite or best dancer:

“The show is about the search for Australia’s favourite dancer. But the dancer in me wants the best dancer to be standing there at the finish. I think our voting public have got it right three years in a row now. We’ve had the favourite and the best dancer standing there three years in a row. Robbie’s an amazing winner, deservedly so. A ballistic missile with Peter Pan qualities with a likeability much more mature than his years.”

Asked to compare with Seven’s dance show he said, “Dancing with the Stars sits only within Latin-Ballroom. The fact that we get all of the genres just makes it more accessible. Their show is based on a ballroom dancing competition on a ballroom dance floor.

“The whole finale I believe was the best show we ever made. So it’s a nice way to finish it.”

Paul McDermott on what the media has been asking him:

“They’ve been asking how I am emotionally dealing with being 100 to 1 against. I wasn’t even aware there was a horse race going on, so that was a bit destabilising.

Eddie Perfect on duty of care when making Ultimate School Musical: Fame with high school students.

“It was huge actually. Especially when you’re got kids in a reality show and people being rejected. They were really lovely, there was none of that ‘Can we re-do that crushing rejection again so we can get another shot of it?’ It was all handled very well. There were counsellors, minders, people were looked after, unlike those other reality shows where it’s all about judging people and tearing them apart. This one is all about being supportive and encouraging, because it’s a terrifying thing to do.”

Sam Clark on juggling his music career with Neighbours:

“I had some success with my debut single Broken making it into the ARIA charts which was lovely. Now we’re kicking it on, with Ringo able to play now that he’s been away for a while. A new single, Send me a Sign, came out a week and a half ago, and another single, Devastated, is coming which will be on the show as well. Probably in about 6 or 7 weeks.”

His advice to UK candidates entering a competition to appear in the show was, “It’s very similar to how I started out on the show. Be yourself, be a little bit different. They’re going to see thousands of auditions, and you need something that’s going to stand out in a positive way. Look at the script in as many ways as you can and just go for it.

“I’m back in the show fulltime and doing the music part-time and we’ll just run with that for as long as we can.”

Shaun Micallef on TV Tonight readers tipping him for the Gold:

“Your readers are crazy, god bless ’em. If it was up to certain sections of the TV watching community I’d be there hands down. But the bulk of the people don’t demonstrate the discernment or discretion of your readership.

“Thank you readership for me, for having such confidence, but I’m only sorry it’s going to be dashed on the cruel rocks of reality.”

As to more Generation he said, “We go back on the 23rd of June, and I think we’re on air in August or mid-July, something like that. You probably know. Check your notes.

“I’ve got a novel coming out in November. So I’m fiddling around with that.”

Josh Thomas on his next projects:

“I’m going to Phuket for a holiday and then I’m doing a tour of New Zealand. I’m doing some stand-up.

“But there’s the ABC project I’m working on, Next of Kin. But it’s not called that anymore. It’s based on my stand-up.”

Myf Warhurst on interviewing Justin Bieber:

“The Bieber is about as tall as me. He’s got a little bit of moustache on the top lip. And his voice is going to break really, really soon.

“He was a little bit tired by the time I saw him. Not short tempered, but at 16 I got the feeling he would rather be off playing Playstation which is totally understandable.”

Rodger Corser and Josef Ber from Rush on their third series and a lack of nominations this year:

“Our show wasn’t in production when all the voting was happening, so that probably doesn’t help.

“We shot yesterday, on a Saturday. And we’re going to shoot early tomorrow morning, which is always ‘fun.’

“We’ll be back mid-year or something. We’re just really busy at the moment shooting some big episodes, with massive stunts and situations. It’s like a mini-feature every episode.”

Corser added that he is looking forward to Foxtel’s Spirited, “Spirited was great because it’s very different to Rush. There’s a bit of comedy and I have always wanted to work with Claudia, and Matt was great as well.”

So You Think You Can Dance Top 4:

“We’ve been sleeping, eating, getting ready to win Biggest Loser…. this is our first outing since the show.”

Dan Ilic and Monique Schafter from Hungry Beast on why the show didn’t get any New Talent nominees:

“I failed to do the whole two seasons without a spray tan. That was probably the reason.

“We would be up against Matt Preston, and none of us can compete although Dan does a good impression.”

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  1. I found the red carpet images amazing!almost everyone looked like startled rabbits.Inow know where to invest my superanuation.Can anyone tell me the name of the company that makes botox?

  2. That was good!
    Hungry Beast might get something next year. They should, they are really hitting their straps. Great show. (and I’m an oldie). How on earth does Micallef come out with those lines, at the drop of a hat? He’s a bit too good for us but I’m glad he’s finally being appreciated. His routine when he got his logie was very, very good indeed.
    Who is that handsome young chap pictured above Scott Cam?

  3. Did I read correctly that Jason Coleman said “The whole finale I believe was the best show we ever made. So it’s a nice way to finish it.” – I hope he doesn’t mean for good, just the last season…?

  4. Very very neat read, totally satisfying my logies feed.
    One error with Kerri-Anne “if there shoud be more than woman in our Hall of Fame” Are you suggesting vampires should be up for the hall of fame? Not sure of what you are suggesting here! as mentioned in ‘lowdown’ is it a grammatical error or a failed attempted at humor?! either way, pretty funny..

  5. A fantastic read, David. Greatly appreciated.

    I’m glad to hear that Shaun has won an award, but really, for a quiz programme? Now that he’s in the limelight, I think he should broaden his horizons and produce something of greater value than Gen. I want Shaun to make a show that I can buy on DVD, dammit!

  6. Richard Reid reads this site. Great. Richard please get off our screens. Thank you.

    How great is Shaun Micallef, he deserves the gold every day of the week, the man’s a legend.

    And Jason Dundas and PJ Lane are looking fine.

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