The Shak breaches Children’s TV rule

A prize segment on Channel’s Nine’s defunct children’s show The Shak has breached the Children’s Television Standards for having its presenters endorse a product.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found an episode in August 2009 was giving away a scooter. During the segment presenter Nitro said, “Powering is a totally radical new way to ride.” As the segment continued, all three presenters, Nitro, Picasso and Curio, were seen enthusiastically riding the scooter, including with close-ups of the product.

In Children’s Television personalities and presenters are not to be seen endorsing or recommending a commercial product. ACMA also ruled that advertising and was not clearly distinguishable from the program material.

Nine has accepted ACMA’s findings and agreed to review C programs prior to broadcast and implement a training program to staff.


  1. Isn’t it product placement with the clothes and make up they wear…? What’s the big deal.. product placement occurs, this coming from a government body, I mean, there is nothing more unfair and corrupt as a government, any government, no matter how civilised the country is…

  2. What penalities to ACMA hand out? Do they fine networks? Every story you post regarding them David appears to be “(said network) has promised to take more care in the future” it is really just a BS Authority there to please the PC members of society?

    Networks continue to make these ‘errors’ and continually just get ‘warned’ about their activity.

    At least it gives somewhere for the whinges to go to; but how is any ruling supposed to be taken seriously when there are repeat offenders not particuarly for Childrens Television but more commonly the recurring “wrong slot, wrong classification; too rude blah blah blah”

  3. Why would ACMA, stoop so low, as to accept a complaint for of all things: a harmless rerun which only originally premièred months earlier.

    The episode in question (The Pet) actually first aired in late May 2009, to be exact, 27th of May.
    How I know this? I watched the program religiously until the very end.

    I guess this explains why the final season had kids presenting prizes.

  4. This is absolutely ridiculous. Just shows how screwed up ACMA are sometimes. I mean, the show gives away prizes in every episode, and they always say how “fantastic” it is. Plus, the show is axed anyway!

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