2010 Logies: Who didn’t make the cut already?

Sarah Wilson was Presenter on the highest rating show in 2009 -but it wasn't enough to land her on Logie's shortlist. Who else is out of the running before nominations are even announced?

Sarah Wilson was Presenter on the highest rating show in 2009 -but it wasn’t enough to land her on the shortlist for 2010 Logie Nominations.

The Masterchef host is now out of the race for Best Presenter and Gold Logie before the race even begins. But she is in good company.

Yesterday’s list of possible contenders published by TV Week again utilised a voting system it has employed in recent years: an individual numerical code for each actor, actress and presenter as a way of facilitating the results. It contrasts with a historical method used for many years with a blank magazine form allowing a wide-open field. The numerical voting system once again neglects to include an “Other” as it did in 2009.

The Gold Logie nominees will be whittled down from a field of those same actors, actresses and presenters.

But some of television’s big names and quiet achievers haven’t made it past the first hurdle this year in the Popular categories.

They include Ed Kavalee, John Waters, Daryl Somers, Tom Oliver, Ryan Moloney, Dave Hughes, Steve Bisley, Alan Fletcher, Sam Clark, Cornelia Frances, Ajay Rochester, Brian McFadden, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Kestie Morassi, James Morrison, David Reyne, Kim Watkins, Tim Ross, Merrick Watts, Andrew Denton, Henry Roth, Jimmy Barnes, Larry Emdur, Kylie Gillies, Matt Passmore, Peter Berner, Peter Helliar, Andrew Daddo, Jonathan Holmes, Cariba Heine, Garry McDonald and Magda Szubanski -to name a few.

SBS telemovie Saved is absent from the Drama category (despite Claudia Karvan on the Actress list). Similarly UKTV’s miniseries False Witness also misses out, although US actor Dougray Scott makes the cut for Actors for the same project. Dirt Game and The Killing Of Caroline Byrne miss out on Drama contention too.

Actress Anni Finsterer got an AFI nomination for 3 Acts of Murder, but is overlooked.

The New Talent categories continue to focus on a handful of possible contenders. None of the Hungry Beast, Jesters or Double Take team qualified. Yet even Charlie Pickering, who co-hosted 13 eps of The Mansion for the Comedy Channel in 2008, makes the list.

Sunrise and Mornings with Kerri-Anne are contenders for Light Entertainment, but Today, 9AM with David and Kim, The Morning Show, At The Movies, TV Burp, Hungry Beast, Collectors, The Einstein Factor, Media Watch and Double Take all miss out.

Shows that are no longer on air, or deemed flops, fare particularly poorly. Australia’s Perfect Couple and homeMADE aren’t on the list for Reality. Jules Lund is noted as Presenter for Getaway and Hole in the Wall (and it wasn’t even on in 2009) but not Australia’s Perfect Couple. Nine’s THIS afternoon is also absent. So is The All in Call and defunct cooking show Fresh. While 20 to 1 is listed The Spearman Experiment isn’t.

Performers in Children’s Television including The Elephant Princess, H20: Just Add Water, Hi-5, The Shak are absent. No Community Television shows made the list. Newsreaders are also out.

Nominations close March 5. You can vote online here.

Here’s who did make the list. Final nominees are expected around late March.

101 Daniel Amalm (Jordan, Rescue Special Ops)
102 Josef Ber (Dominic, Rush)
103 Roy Billing (Bob, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities)
104 Shane Bourne (Stanley, City Homicide)
105 Jack Campbell (Steve, All Saints)
106 Michael Caton (Ted, Packed To The Rafters)
107 Dustin Clare (Chris, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities/ Sean, Satisfaction)
108 Vince Colosimo (Luciano, Carla Cametti PD/Adrian, The Librarians)
109 Rodger Corser (Lawson, Rush)
110 Bernard Curry (Hugo, Home and Away)
111 Stephen Curry (Neil, False Witness/McBaney, :30 Seconds)
112 Matt Day (Gabriel, Tangle)
113 Damien de Montemas (Brian, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities)
114 Stefan Dennis (Paul, Neighbours)
115 Martin Dingle-Wall (Les, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities/Jake, Rescue Special Ops)
116 Joel Edgerton (Shane, Dirt Game)
117 Luke Ford (Snowy, 3 Acts of Murder)
118 Gyton Grantley (Sumo, :30 Seconds)
119 Don Hany (Zane, East West 101)
120 Les Hill (Dean, Rescue Special Ops)
121 Wayne Hope (Terry, The Librarians)
122 George Houvardas (Carbo, Packed To The Rafters)
123 John Howard (Frank, All Saints)
124 Luke Jacobz (Angelo, Home and Away)
125 Samuel Johnson (Leon, Rush)
126 Todd Lasance (Aden, Home and Away)
127 Lincoln Lewis (Geoff, Home and Away)
128 Tom Long (Vance, East of Everything)
129 Daniel MacPherson (Simon, City Homicide)
130 Scott Major (Lucas, Neighbours)
131 Angus McLaren (Nathan, Packed To The Rafters)
132 Ray Meagher (Alf, Home and Away)
133 Ben Mendelsohn (Vince, Tangle)
134 Robert Menzies (Arthur, 3 Acts of Murder)
135 Mick Molloy (Dave, The Jesters)
136 Callan Mulvey (Josh, Rush)
137 Matthew Newton (Terry, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities)
138 Peter O’Brien (George, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities)
139 Aaron Pedersen (Duncan, City Homicide/Drew, The Circuit)
140 Peter Phelps (Vince, Rescue Special Ops/Joe, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities)
141 Josh Quong-Tart (Miles, Home and Away)
142 Damien Richardson (Matt, City Homicide)
143 David Jones Roberts (Xavier, Home and Away)
144 Richard Roxburgh (Charles, False Witness/Art, East Of Everything)
145 Jay Ryan (Billy, Sea Patrol)
146 Kristian Schmid (Robert, Sea Patrol)
147 Dougray Scott (Ian, False Witness)
148 Hugh Sheridan (Ben, Packed To The Rafters)
149 Jon Sivewright (Tony, Home and Away)
150 James Sorensen (Declan, Neighbours)
151 Ian Stenlake (Mike, Sea Patrol)
152 Nick Tate (Gerry, East of Everything)
153 Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Buffer, Sea Patrol/Mark, False Witness)
154 Erik Thomson (Dave, Packed To The Rafters)
155 Joel Tobeck (Tim, Tangle/Martin, :30 Seconds)
156 Brett Tucker (Dan, Neighbours)
157 Matthew Werkmeister (Zeke, Neighbours)
158 Axle Whitehead (Liam, Home and Away)
159 John Wood (Bill, The Cut)
160 Ashley Zukerman (Michael, Rush)

161 Kirsty Lee Allan (Bomber, Sea Patrol)
162 Esther Anderson (Charlie, Home and Away)
163 Jolene Anderson (Shannon, Rush)
164 Valerie Bader (Bev, East of Everything)
165 Charlotte Best (Annie, Home and Away)
166 Pippa Black (Elle, Neighbours)
167 Rachael Blake (Julie, False Witness)
168 Carla Bonner (Stephanie, Neighbours)
169 Rebecca Breeds (Ruby, Home and Away)
170 Saskia Burmeister (Nikki, Sea Patrol)
171 Robyn Butler (Frances, The Librarians)
172 Gia Carides (Melanie, East of Everything)
173 Justine Clarke (Ally, Tangle)
174 Tammy Clarkson (Bella, The Circuit)
175 Nicole da Silva (Stella, Rush)
176 Gigi Edgely (Lara, Rescue Special Ops)
177 Nadine Garner (Jennifer, City Homicide)
178 Virginia Gay (Gabrielle, All Saints)
179 Rebecca Gibney (Julie, Packed To The Rafters)
180 Diana Glenn (Carla, Carla Cametti PD)
181 Jodi Gordon (Martha, Home and Away)
182 Jane Hall (Rebecca, Neighbours)
183 Christie Hayes (Kirsty, Home and Away)
184 Noni Hazlehurst (Bernice, City Homicide)
185 Anna Hutchison (Allison, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities)
186 Tessa James (Nicole, Home and Away)
187 Claudia Karvan (Julia, Saved)
188 Asher Keddie (Liz, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities/Jacinta, Rush)
189 Tammy MacIntosh (Charlotte, All Saints)
190 Jessica Marais (Rachel, Packed To The Rafters)
191 Amy Mathews (Rachel, Home and Away)
192 Catherine McClements (Kerry, Rush/Christine, Tangle)
193 Lisa McCune (Kate, Sea Patrol)
194 Lynne McGranger (Irene, Home and Away)
195 Judith McGrath (Von, All Saints)
196 Jessica McNamee (Sammy, Packed To The Rafters)
197 Eloise Mignon (Bridget, Neighbours)
198 Ada Nicodemou (Leah, Home and Away)
199 Susie Porter (Patricia, East West 101/Eve, East Of Everything)
200 Kate Ritchie (Judi, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities)
201 Margot Robbie (Donna, Neighbours)
202 Freya Stafford (Megan, Dirt Game)
203 Kat Stewart (Nat, Tangle/Marion, :30 Seconds)
204 Libby Tanner (Michelle, Rescue Special Ops)
205 Jessica Tovey (Belle, Home and Away)
206 Nadia Townsend (Allie, City Homicide)
207 Kym Valentine (Libby, Neighbours)
208 Zoe Ventoura (Melissa, Packed To The Rafters)
209 Madeleine West (Mel, Satisfaction)
210 Alison Whyte (Lauren, Satisfaction)
211 Jackie Woodburne (Susan, Neighbours)

212 Daniel Amalm (The Contender Australia)
213 Wil Anderson (The Gruen Transfer)
214 Natalie Bassingthwaighte (So You Think You Can Dance Australia)
215 Chris Bath (Sunday Night)
216 Shane Bourne (Thank God You’re Here)
217 Michelle Bridges (The Biggest Loser Australia)
218 Jenny Brockie (Insight)
219 Jennifer Byrne (First Tuesday Book Club)
220 George Calombaris (MasterChef Australia)
221 Scott Cam (Domestic Blitz)
222 Shelley Craft (Australia’s Funniest Home Videos/Domestic Blitz/Money For Jam)
223 Shane Crawford (Money for Jam/The AFL Footy Show)
224 Bernard Curry (Beauty And The Geek)
225 Charlotte Dawson (The Contender Australia)
226 Grant Denyer (Australia’s Got Talent)
227 Anh Doh (The Squiz)
228 Melissa Doyle (Sunrise)
229 Jason Dundas (Getaway)
230 Anton Enus (World News Australia)
231 Anthony Field (RSPCA Animal Rescue)
232 Costa Georgiadis (Costa’s Garden Odyssey)
233 Johanna Griggs (Better Homes and Gardens)
234 Tracy Grimshaw (A Current Affair)
235 Natalie Gruzlewski (Getaway/The Farmer Wants A Wife)
236 Andrew Günsberg (Australian Idol)
237 Adam Hills (Spicks and Specks)
238 Kristy Hinze (Project Runway Australia)
239 Tony Jones (Q&A/Lateline)
240 Kerri-Anne Kennerley (Mornings with Kerri-Anne)
241 David Koch (Sunrise)
242 Sonia Kruger (Dancing With The Stars)
243 Steve Liebmann (CIA: Crime Investigation Australia)
244 Jules Lund (Getaway/Hole In The Wall)
245 Garry Lyon (The AFL Footy Show)
246 Daniel MacPherson (Dancing With The Stars)
247 Paul McDermott (Good News Week)
248 Eddie McGuire (Hot Seat)
249 Rove McManus (Rove / Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?)
250 Gary Mehigan (MasterChef Australia)
251 Shaun Micallef (Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation)
252 Dannii Minogue (Australia’s Got Talent)
253 Brendan Moar (Dry Spell Gardening)
254 Andy Muirhead (Collectors)
255 Mike Munro (Sunday Night)
256 Sarah Murdoch (Australia’s Next Top Model)
257 George Negus (Dateline)
258 Sam Newman (The AFL Footy Show)
259 Bert Newton (20 To 01)
260 Kerry O’Brien (The 7.30 Report)
261 Andrew O’Keefe (Deal Or No Deal)
262 James O’Loghlin (The New Inventors)
263 Alex Perry (Australia’s Next Top Model)
264 Charlie Pickering (The 7PM Project)
265 Margaret Pomeranz (At The Movies)
266 Shannan Ponton (The Biggest Loser Australia)
267 Matt Preston (MasterChef Australia)
268 Simon Reeve (The Force)
269 Jody Rigby (Garden Angels)
270 Ruby Rose (MTV)
271 Catriona Rowntree (Getaway)
272 Stephen Ryan (Gardening Australia)
273 Warren Smith (Rugby League/NRL on FOX)
274 Karl Stefanovic (Today)
275 David Stratton (At The Movies)
276 Maggie Tabberer (Maggie With…)
277 Jack Thompson (Find My Family)
278 Paul Vautin (The NRL Footy Show)
279 Matt White (Today Tonight)
280 Lisa Wilkinson (Today)
281 Tom Williams (Surf Patrol)
282 Andrew Winter (Selling Houses Australia)
283 Julia Zemiro (RocKwiz)

Better Homes and Gardens
Money For Jam
My Family Feast
Costa’s Garden Odyssey
New Idea TV
Domestic Blitz
Ready Steady Cook
Dry Spell Gardening
Selling Houses Australia
Food Safari
Stefano’s Cooking Paradiso
Garden Angels
The Cook and The Chef
Gardening Australia
The Great Outdoors
Top Gear Australia
Huey’s Cooking Adventures
What’s Good For You
Mercurio’s Menu

10 Years Younger In 10 Days
MasterChef Australia
Aussie Ladette To Lady
Project Runway Australia
Australian Idol
So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Australia’s Next Top Model
The Apprentice Australia
Beauty And The Geek
The Biggest Loser Australia
Celebrity MasterChef
The Contender Australia
Dancing With The Stars
The Farmer Wants a Wife
Football Superstar
The Nest

Are You My Mother
Rogue Nation
Bondi Rescue
Bondi Vet
RSPCA Animal Rescue
Border Security
Surf Patrol
Darwin’s Brave New World
The Force
Dead Famous
The Secret Millionaire
Find My Family
The Zoo
Highway Patrol
Who Do You Think You Are?
MPU (Missing Persons Unit)
World’s Strictest Parents
One Small Step – The Australian Story
You Saved My Life
Random Acts of Kindness

New Talent: Male
Blake Davis (Max, Tangle)
Costa Georgiadis (Costa’s Garden Odyssey)
James Hird (On the Couch)
Andrew Lees (Chase, Rescue Special Ops)
Lawrence Leung (Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure)
Luke Mitchell (Romeo, Home And Away)
Charlie Pickering (The 7PM Project/ Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation)
Matt Preston (MasterChef Australia)
James Stewart (Jake, Packed to the Rafters)
Josh Thomas (Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation)
Jonathan Wood (Elliott, All Saints)
Lincoln Younes (Romeo, Tangle)

New Talent: Female
Kate Bell (Joey, Home And Away)
Carrie Bickmore (The 7PM Project)
Ashleigh Brewer (Kate, Neighbours)
Renai Caruso (Tess, Satisfaction)
Mirrah Foulkes (Jo, All Saints)
Katherine Hicks (Heidi, Rescue Special Ops)
Camille Keenan (Amy, Satisfaction)
Eva Lazzaro (Gigi, Tangle)

AFL Game Day
The Footy Show AFL
Before The Game
The Footy Show NRL
Inside Cricket
The Sunday Footy Show AFL
The Sunday Footy Show NRL
NRL Tactics
The Sunday Roast
On The Couch
Thursday Night Live
Sports Tonight
The World Game
The Back Page
Wide World of Sports

Light Entertainment:
30 Seconds
Mornings With Kerri – Anne
Thank God You’re Here
Australia’s Funniest Home Videos
The Chaser’s War on Everything
Australia’s Got Talent
The Gruen Transfer
Deal Or No Deal
Rove Presents: Hamish and Andy’s American Caravan of Courage
The Jesters
Good News Week
Spicks And Specks
The Librarians
Hey Hey Reunion
The 7PM Project
John Safran’s Race Relations
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
20 to 01

3 Acts of Murder
All Saints
Carla Cametti PD
City Homicide
East of Everything
East West 101
Home And Away
Packed To The Rafters
Rescue Special Ops
Sea Patrol
The Circuit
The Cut
Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities

38 Responses

  1. Apart from nine msn having an appalling web site in design and functionality with pages overlapping and text missing, the voting system is terrible, with all this technology honestly they should be leading the pack not trailing in a lame representation of online solutions and voting i just don’t get it.

    secondly, i would like to mention where is the peoples choice for voting as well, i was under the assumption that the option for people to vote “Peoples Choice” would have been there for the general members of the public to vote on who ever they wanted to for a Logie. basically i think that this years awards will be half of what it should based on the fact that the apparent lack of technology in fair voting will lead to fake results and an unfair win to whom ever wins.

    if i want to vote peoples choice winner i should be allowed to enter the name of the actor i want to choose and it should be accepted as a vote. simple.

    I called ACP to find out more but had no luck when writing this.

    Who would i vote for? Cornelia Frances, why because she has been on more television shows than almost all other australian actors, and just because she is a successful bitch dosent mean she shouldnt get rewarded for her years in television. perhaps they should even have a black logie for televisions most hated character.

    Thanks for reading

  2. I say vote for Matt Preston for every category he’s nominated in. Sarah seemed like a nice girl but she didn’t have Matt’s presence in the show. Matt was always the one the camera turned to for the final verdict.

  3. If you guys knew anything about TV you’d know the noms process starts with the networks nominating who/what they want to be considered. Many of these mentioned as “already missing out” wouldn’t have been put forward. I know this as fact for one network at least.

    1. I have spoken to networks who would like the opportunity to put forward more of their talent. Equally, I am sure viewers would like to show some love for those that are not listed, but the lack of an “Other” vote now denies this, whereas in years gone by it was an open entry form. It all gets back to a computerised voting system, instead of the money involved in having people scrutinise votes, but the result is talent and shows miss out.

  4. I don’t get how Gary Lyon gets nominated for best presenter but James Brayshaw doesn’t. Im sure they both do the same amount of hosting. How come Matt preston got nominated for best new talent but george and gary didn’t.

  5. @Guy: That would be a fair point if the voting options were geared in Nine’s favour, and they are not. Even Nine Network names are missing from the list of eligible nominations.

    And David, just curious, what was Garry McDonald in last year?

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