Mr. Squiggle on Collectors

This week on Collectors iconic children’s character Mr. Squiggle makes an appearance with his maker Norman Hetherington.

Hetherington talks about Mr. Squiggle, who went to air in 1959 for a trial season of six weeks only. The cartoonist and self-taught puppet-maker also shares Blackboard and many of his 400 puppets.

The episode also features ‘Picnic Queen’, Debbie Dole, whose collecting passion was awakened when her husband imported a Ford Zephyr from England it arrived with a fitted, unused picnic set. Now when the men of the Macedon Ranges Car Club stick their heads under bonnets, their wives picnic all day.

Kevin Dixon shows off his Rin Tin Tin collection with books, magazines, original scripts, cereal-box souvenirs and studio art dewvoted to the great TV action pet.

Claudia visits White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, a privately owned public space whose owners are collectors of modern Chinese art and sculpture, featuring astainless steel wire motorbike.

It airs 8pm Friday on ABC1


  1. the abc contract for rights to mr squiggle ran out some time ago, thus he was then able to appear on other channels and we saw him for a while on the hayfever advertisement.

    Norman Hetherington & his wife Margaret, are true gems, I knew them for many years when i was younger after i wrote to the ABC asking all sorts of questions about puppetry and mr squiggle. They were so encouraging of my interest in this and all things “television” they asked me to keep in touch and i spent the last years of my childhood sending them letters photos, and later videos on my progress with my own creations and they were always so lovable and helpful and mr squiggle even sent me hand drawn birthday cards etc. I’ve always dreamed of meeting them one day….they played such a great part in my childhood both on screen and in reality, these two need some sort of recognition for contribution to our lives and australian television…I’ve waited every year for the logies hall of fame to nominate this!!!

  2. Tasmanian de√il

    “went to air in 1959 for a trial season of six weeks only and lasted six decades for the ABC.”

    I don’t know if you wrote that or if you got the information from the ABC, but six decades haven’t even passed since 1959, so how can that be true? In fact Wikipedia says the last episode went to air in 1999, which is only four decades.

  3. I wish Mr Squiggle was still on TV

    “Everythings upside down these days Miss Jane”

    Words to live by