Insight: July 27

Former actor Miles Buchanan, best known for his appearances in such shows as Sons and Daughters, Home Sweet Home, The Girl from Tomorrow and GP is a guest on Insight this week, talking about dealing with mental health issues.

Buchanan, brother of both Simone Buchanan and Beth Buchanan, was also well known for his stage performances in the 1980s. He won a Logie in 1979 for the telemovie A Good Thing Going.

The SBS show is hosted by Jenny Brockie.

With one in five Australians experiencing a mental health issue each year, on Tuesday July 27 at 7.30pm on SBS One, Insight examines this key election topic.

Guests include former New South Wales Opposition leader John Brogden and former Logie-winning actor Miles Buchanan, both talking about their own mental health issues.

And Insight’s group of swinging voters from marginal electorates around Australia will assess the impact of what the parties are offering – including the Liberal Party’s election pledge of $1.5 billion for mental health.

In the run-up to the Federal election, Insight – presented by Jenny Brockie – is covering a key election issue in depth each week.

Throughout the election campaign, social media comment is being featured on Insight by online reporter, Johnny Luu. More than 5,000 Insight Facebook fans ( are debating election topics online and each week Luu is pulling together the social media trends from Insight’s various platforms and highlighting individual comments.


  1. I do notice that items about SBS rarely get responses, but i really appreciate the scheduling info about shows as good as Insight, and a subject so significant as mental illness. Miles is a brave man, for those of us who grew up watching him will remember his prodigy, and know the sad story of his illness. but looking forward to the treatment of the issue on Jenny’s program. A hidden gem every week!

  2. best known for “A Good Thing Going, GP, Home Sweet Home, Insight, Logie Awards, Sons and Daughters, The Girl From Tomorrow” … !??!?

    i know him best for secret valley =Q

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