Official: Dance Academy wins second season

It’s official. Dance Academy has a second season coming to the ABC.

It follows recent funding decisions by Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

The second instalment will start production in Sydney at the end of January 2011 and will again be produced by Joanna Werner for Werner Film Productions.

In series two Tara returns for another year with the goal of representing Australia in the world’s most prestigious ballet competition. But perhaps she should be more focused on just surviving her second year, having climbed to the top in her first year, in dance, in life and in love – she now has a very long way to fall.

ABC children’s drama has had a strong 2010 with both Dance Academy and Dead Gorgeous proving popular with young viewers, and follows the critically acclaimed and awarded series, My Place. Curiously, Dead Gorgeous still attracts ongoing fan discussion on TV Tonight despite it ending several months ago -a rarity for any show.

The Dance Academy website became the number one visited TV website on the ABC3 portal during season one. Two episodes of Dance Academy have also been nominated in this year’s AWGIE Awards.

Joanna Werner said, “I’m really delighted to have a second series of Dance Academy confirmed, to build on the success of the first series. The response from the audience has been really overwhelming and we are hoping they will enjoy the next instalment.”

Key cast will be announced later in the year.


  1. lena from germany

    i like this series really much!
    i am from germany and watching that every day!
    i hope there be lots of more new series in the new year
    i am a ballett dancer too and dance until i was four
    and i like it to see that so many people also like ballett and that so many people watching Dance Academy!

  2. John, you obviously haven’t watched the show. One of the main characters Sammy was developing feelings for his mate Christian and is dealing with the fact that he thinks he is gay. There have also been a couple of other dancers who we know are. Also one of the teachers is gay which led to them dealing with the issue of homophobia early in the series.

  3. “How about some realism, a dance academy and all the boys are straight. Great oppurtunity to have a good young role model for gay kids.”

    Boys don’t have to be gay to dance. It’s an old cliche. Dance is becoming mainstream to all genders and orientations, and Dance Academy is rerpesentative of that. One of the main characters is questioning his sexuality, and has met at least two other boys in the course of the first series who are gay – one of them a footballer. Having said that, I do hope they pursue this storyline in season two (hooray for season two!) because I do agree that a gay role model for kids would be nice. Although, I think gay kids are probably capable of finding value in straight role models too, as long as they’re good people.

    I hope that delightful Jordan Rodrigues is involved in season two.

  4. Seymor Smith

    I’ve seen bits of it and I thought it was great. It reminded me of Degrassi in that it seems to deal with real issues. It also seems to have well drawn characters. Everything I see anything on ABC3 it’s spunky looking “yoofs” who were exactly the sort of kids I hated when I was young who think they are hilarious.

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