10 year old Opera singer dazzles America’s Got Talent

Jackie Evancho is only ten years old but she had the  America’s Got Talent judges in awe with her operatic skills.

Evancho was voted onto the show as an audience-selected act from YouTube. So it kinda seems apt that we’re watching her on YouTube here.

The Pittsburgh prodigy began singing at the age of 8 after watching Phantom of the Opera, but here she is singing O Mio Babbino Cara.

I smell a duet with Susan Boyle coming up...



  1. @Secret Squirrel (great screen name!). No, my hearing is just fine, thanks. Opera singing just isn’t my cup of Twinings, but that is just a personal taste thing. This child may well be astonishingly talented, but female sopranos make my ears hurt.

  2. Squirrel – there’s a difference between singing and warbling like an old 60 year old with emphysema.

    I like opera and have a lot of opera music on my iPod. I do believe however that young girls should be allowed to have their childhood – after all, it doesn’t last that long. She has plenty of time in her life to grow up and make something of herself, but I’d just like to see her remain a little girl for as long as she possibly can, as I do with my 2 daughters.

  3. There is no doubt this girl is very talented, but… It seems like our world just idolises fame and talent. Why can’t kids be kids? Why can’t we have talented people who use their talents for something other than money and worldwide recognition?

    That’s my 2.4 cents worth

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    @Allie: If you thought that sounded like cats spoiling for a fight, you might want to consider having your hearing tested. The Little Miss Sunshine pageant stuff usually makes me want to retch but this girl clearly has talent well beyond her years, whether you appreciate opera or not.

    @Knowfirst: You’re experience of little girls must be pretty limited if you are unaware that many of them like to sing. It’s just that most of them don’t have the raw talent, or the benefit of professional training to do it on national television.

  5. I’d rather listen to a cat cough it’s guts up. Just woeful. The kid should be allowed to be a little girl and do what little girls do instead of warble out complete garbage like this.

  6. A little too precocious for my tastes. It’s like those little toddlers who go into those beauty pagents a la Little Miss Sunshine. She sounds great but looks too young to sing like that.

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