Melody Thornton wins The Masked Singer 2022

Mirrorball beats Snapdragon and Rooster for 2022 title on 10 singing show.

Former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton has won The Masked Singer 2022 under the guise of Mirrorball.

She beat fellow finalists Sheldon Riley (Snapdragon) and Hugh Sheridan (Rooster) in 10’s series final.

“It was just so nice to have lovely comments, and encouragement as well, to bring this character to life. This really helped my relationship with myself. It brought me closer to myself. [Ultimately], you sing because you want other people to be inspired to sing,” she said.

In an incredulous guess Dave Hughes correctly guessed the performer, which he attributed to his family listening to recordings of Pussycat Dolls (…but social media wasn’t buyin’ it).

Chrissie Swan, who guessed the most correct artists this season, pinpointed Sheldon Riley as Snapdragon early on in the season. For Riley, who has competed on shows including The X Factor, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and the Eurovision Song Contest, alas it was another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

“It’s been a really long road for me. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s as a kid, so people always worried about me… It wasn’t until this show that I realised that I need to be so proud of my talent, and really show people that I don’t need a mask to do what I do!” he said.

Actor and singer Hugh Sheridan was successfully chosen by Abbie Chatfield, with the former Packed to the Rafters star saying,  “What drew me to The Masked Singer was the entertainment factor. The fact that this is a fun show. It’s my sister’s favourite show, my nephew’s favourite show. And I realised, everyone loves it. Last year I had a bunch of friends die, including my Dad… I wanted to do something fun, and I also wanted to do something to cheer up my family. ”

Season 4 of the series on 10 included Shannon Noll, Ryan Moloney, Pia Miranda, Lisa Curry, Jamie Durie, Emma Watkins, Matt Preston, Michelle Williams, Tori Spelling and Sam Sparro.

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  1. I also had to Google her. I’ve heard of the band but they weren’t my style of music.

    Disappointing end to the show. Rooster should have won, not some has-been that most of us haven’t even heard of!

  2. I’m glad Melody won, as she has a great voice, but she was perhaps the biggest “who?” this season (Lisa Curry being the other for me), even more so than Michelle Williams, whose singing voice I never would have picked out because Destiny’s Child was always the Beyonce show (just as The Pussycat Dolls was the Nicole show), and unlike Kelly Rowland, Williams didn’t have any solo hits, at least not on our side of the pond. Still a good get for the show, but not one that most of the audience would identify from the voice alone.

    Sam Sparro was my only correct guess of the season, but I do have his second album and his Basement Jaxx collaboration.

    And why are people still harping on about Hughes getting it right for once? He bloody said outright that his guess was drawn from speculation from his family and not one of his own making.

  3. I must admit the old saying “who’s he/she when he/she’s at home” crossed my mind for two of the finalists. I picked Hugh Sheridan before he took his mask off. The way he moved just seemed like him.

  4. When the mask was removed I had no idea of them and did not believe for a second that hughsy managed this on his own, as Nicholle Shezinger (sp) was the lead singer of the pussy cat dolls.Still think Rooster should have won.
    Just cut down on the theatrics and the shouting though.

        1. All the vocals on the albums – or 99% of them – were recorded by Nicole Scherzinger. The group was basically “Nicole and her Dancers”, so there’s no way in the world Hughes would have been able to recognise Melody’s voice.

          1. oh ok, i’ve only ever saw snippets of them performing & from memory they made it look like they were all singing

  5. I must say I’ve never heard of Melody Thornton.She would be one of the hardest celebrities to pick on this show,because who could honestly know know how one member of the Pussycat Dolls sounded like on their own?It was an amazing get by Dave Hughes,but surely he had help in picking the right person this time?

  6. There is no way Hughesy got that without some help. He’s been terrible all season and i don’t buy it. Good on her for winning though although would have loved to see Snapdragon win. Was my favourite from week one. Was a pretty decent season in the end.

  7. I really really really try to like this show but it’s just too noisy, 90 minutes of screaming and 4 performances just ain’t worth it…. Thank gawd for my PVR , I skipped through the entire finale in 10 minutes for breaky this morning !

    1. ikr, recorded this one as i knew that like most finales there would be loads of repetition from the past shows, ad breaks & time stalling. Overall the series was enjoyable, it was fun & i liked the costumes & most of the celebs. Sheldon Riley’s singing was amazing. But i think they just made the clues too random especially for hard to pick people like Melody.

  8. Congratulations to Mirrorball/Melody Thornton. And well done to Hughesy guessing her correctly. And well done to Sheldon Riley/Snapdragon and Hugh Sheridan/Rooster. They were all amazing performers and I would’ve been happy if any of them won.

  9. After the 3rd or 4th episode, I decided that there was no harm in looking at the betting odds (aka leaks), since previous seasons had suggested that this series was not a true competition. As Mirrorball was the early favourite – and I had absolutely no idea who the name of the odds-on favourite was – I thought we might get an interesting (aka flat, but fascinating) finale where no judge guessed the “winner” and no-one watching knew who she was. I said to my better half before the final that Mirrorball would likely “win” as she was the only overseas entrant among the final 3. Of course, Hughesy would miraculously pull her name out of thin air! Still a fun watch overall, but “ugh” to the so-called competition aspect of it all!

  10. I had to google the winner to find out who she is , probably because I am old and none of my grandchildren are in to her music, she has a great voice….but my favourite was Rooster. However I would be inclined to think Dave Hughes was fed her name by the producers because his guesses are just so bloody ridiculous and they had to justify his being on the panel.

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