10 on Masked Singer, Bachelor axe: “To be honest, we just need to walk away sometimes”

"No ratings, no revenue, means no show," says programming exec.

10 has now expanded on the axing of The Masked Singer and The Bachelor after TV Tonight broke the story two weeks ago, prompting talent to speak out on radio.

Daniel Monaghan, senior vice president of content and programming at Paramount ANZ said that while The Masked Singer wasn’t at the end of its ratings run, it had dipped considerably from season one.

“I believe there’s still value in the program, it’s just such an extraordinarily expensive show to make,” he told Mediaweek.

“I’d love to revisit that show one year, but in the current environment, it does not make any sense for us to do that this year. There’s also just not any space for it in the back half of our year.”

Monaghan revealed that after two seasons of trying new things, The Bachelor “frankly wasn’t rating anymore.”

“There were elements of The Bachelor that we were trying to reinvent and reinvigorate for that format because it was such a success for us in the early years, but it wasn’t showing the right trajectory,” he said.

“To be honest, we just need to walk away sometimes.

“If it’s still there when we’re ready to revisit it, great, but at the moment, no ratings, no revenue, means no show.”

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  1. He is right about Bachelor but I thought I’d heard they were going to try one last variation- Golden?

    Will be interesting to see what they experiment with in 2025 by way of stripped reality given Gladiators epic failure.

    1. Profitability is likely more important than pure ratings and if The Project isn’t losing money it’s probably safe for now, even if it hurts shows that follow.

      Sadly TV nowadays is about breaking even and staying afloat rather than trying to maximise ratings to maximise profit.

  2. Regarding the Bachelor….maybe people are just sick of watching people looking for love, wanting to say… I Do…then Don’t…causing drama and controversy with their antics…this a common occurrence with other FTA and streaming shows…they have this same concept covered…..it’s become the era of…Match Em…then… Dispatch Em….

      1. That’s probably because Seven, Nine and Ten air their reality shows to compete against each other in the same time slot…and people who don’t have streaming have to choose which one appeals to them most….(unless they choose ABC or SBS) …so it’s the pick the best or bad bunch depending on your viewing preference.

        1. Sorry not buying that. People won’t watch a show night in night out if they don’t connect with it. We have to accept that people like shows whether because they are feelgood or Trash TV.

  3. Their ‘reinvention’ of The Bachelor took away too many of the elements that viewers might have watched Bachelor for…would have been cool to see the Golden Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise be brought back and more diverse casting (age, ethnicity, sexuality) instead of just adding Bachelors.

    1. I agree, Bachelor in Paradise stripped works better than 4 episodes of regular bachelor, as BIP everyone is a main “cast” member.
      And I’ve mentioned before about seeing older people or all people who were previously married looking for second chance. But also they need to look past realities only airing at 7:30. An 8:30 slot with the same ratings might work in their favour.

    2. Yeah, the diversity thing is not rocket science but it’s somehow eluding them even now in 2024. “We tried one generic straight white guy, we tried three generic straight white guys, we tried everything!!”

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