Axed: The Masked Singer, The Bachelor franchise.

Two big shows for host Osher Günsberg are now confirmed to be axed by Network 10.

10 has now confirmed the axing of The Masked Singer and The Bachelor franchise.

“Network 10 will be packing away the masks and roses this year, confirming that The Masked Singer and The Bachelor franchises won’t appear in its program schedule,” 10 said in a statement.

“Both franchises have been hosted by television presenter extraordinaire Osher Günsberg from their inception. The resting of The Masked Singer Australia and The Bachelor franchise will give Osher a moment to rest his voice which has worked overtime screaming ‘Take It Off’ and simultaneously dropping to a whisper to deliver the iconic line of ‘I’m sorry, but you did not receive a rose’.

“Osher will narrate Season 18 of Bondi Rescue, which will return later in 2024 and remains a much-loved presenter and friend of Network 10.”

10’s statement follows TV Tonight‘s report on Sunday that both shows were in doubt for 2024 due to a tight ad market, and further comment from panellists Chrissie Swan, Dave Hughes and host Osher Günsberg.

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  1. Stupidly doing 3 bachelors twice in a row killed that off. But I can’t understand why The Masked Singer? I loved it. And always look forward to it. And I don’t remember it being that low in the ratings so Why?

  2. I’m not fussed about The Masked Singer. I will miss Osher and his special whisper on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Was hoping they’d resurrect the ratings with a season of The Golden Bachelor and The Golden Bachelorette.

  3. The Bachelor franchise should have been axed/rested years ago, probably after Nick Cummins’ series where he decided not to select a contestant at the end – wasn’t that the whole point of the show? Yeah it diversified to include a bisexual bachelorette and then two series of multiple bachelors but by then the franchise had well run out of steam.

  4. I don’t mind the formats, however I found MS unwatchable with his constant yelling, same for Oz Idol with Ricki Lee. A no go for me. 10 missed a great opportunity to do a same sex Bachelor which I’m sure would have been a ratings success. Quite enjoyed The Bi Life with Courtney Act. Be great to have another show like Secret Life or Wonderland.

    1. I can’t imagine a same sex bachelor working if they are going to be anywhere adjacent to reality. Could you imagine a house full of beautiful gay men all competing for one man who isn’t any better then the 20 men you hang out with when hes off on a date.

  5. The production costs for the Masked Singer would be very high, so I’m not surprised Ten has dropped this from their schedule, and as for the Bachelor franchise – this one ran out of steam a few years ago, the ratings are no longer there for it.
    As for the general state of the Ten Network, I think with the exception of Australian Survivor and Masterchef and the Cheap Seats and Have You Been Paying Attention, their programming is just not bringing in the audiences Paramount obviously was bargaining on. The Project especially continues to be a problem for them, it’s hardly any sort of launch pad for programs starting at 7.30PM each night.

  6. I too am disappointed that Masked Singer will not be on this year. But they have been struggling to get participants that are well known. Unlike when it first started during Covid when so many entertainers had been unable to work. Definitely on my wish list is to bring back Traitors and I did love The Mole.

  7. Am hearing rumblings this morning the Mildura Digital, the company that provided 10 to the Mildura region is ceasing operations soon. Heard via 3AW. The beginning of the end perhaps.

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