Airdate: 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards

There should be lots of readers pretty happy about this one….

TEN will air the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

It will have a delayed highlights screening on 10pm Monday August 30th, which contrasts to the live to air 3 hour event on FOX8.

However, it’s been some time since this event has aired on Free to Air.

This year’s awards are hosted by Jimmy Fallon, with Rose Byrne and Toni Collette both nominated for Damages and United States of Tara respectively.


  1. Im sure Ten did this last year- because I remember watching Toni win, and many other highlights- and it wasn’t on the news, and I don’t have foxtel.

  2. Did FTA have first refusal of the Emmy show David?

    Even if they did I doubt they would show them live, thank god for Fox8 but like Bazza said are they relevant any more. We all know it’s hard for new quality shows to break into them, not that the likes of Glee or Modern Family don’t reserve their noms but many other worthy shows (and actors) are always left out… and yes I’m talking about the Lauren Graham debarcle. A few years back they changed things with her in mind and it didn’t change a thing.

    I’ll only watch award shows if there is a actor/actress that I want to see walking the red carpet or presenting (or in the running) for an award. Otherwise I’ll just wait for the winners on the news or here on your site David.

  3. I’m pretty sure 10 screened a ~2 hour package last year. The Golden Globes haven’t been shown for a few years.

    What’s happened? They always used to screen the full thing in prime time.

  4. They should have got NPH back, but yeah i’ll be IQing on foxtel.

    on fta it’s what the digital channels should be used for. Brand loyatly through specialized and niche programming. Also because networks and studios need to learn the value of attracting an audience from downloading.

  5. Don’t care. Wish they had a live-to-air broadcast on Channel 10, these half-a*se highlights that air well after the show’s aired in the US don’t cut it.

  6. Just chuck this one away in the ‘don’t care’ basket. These awards are no longer relevant to Australia. The ratings will be at a record low on Ten. If people really want to watch it they can see it on Fox8, so why bother Ten?

  7. 10 should be happy – Glee and Modern Family have a bucketload of noms between them. Wish they would air it earlier! Thanks for the heads up David.

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