Does City Homicide have the X Factor?

Seven has pulled an episode of City Homicide from schedule... what does it have up its sleeve?

Now what’s Seven up to…..?

It has pulled an episode of City Homicide originally planned for 8:30pm Wednesday August 25th.

The slot is now TBA.

Could it be the premiere of The X Factor? Unlikely… the show will be wanting a big, fat 7:30 audience and is expected to be the replacement for Dancing with the Stars.

At this stage that is expected to end on August 29th.

But X Factor could also roll out a few audition episodes in an Idol style to fastrack us to the episodes that matter. There will be filmed auditions and bootcamp before we get to its juicy finals.

Seven is also plugging The Marriage Ref at the moment. Or there could very possibly be something else in the wind.

Any more theories?

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  1. Hard to work out why they would pull what is one of their higher rating and higher profile shows, to air a special that, frankly, isn’t going to interest that many people. They have two channels that are full of repeats, why not air it in place of something that matters not at all? There’s very little of worth on either 7 stream at that time on a Friday.

  2. I can see X Factor taking over Mondays and Tuesdays like My Kitchen Rules did. I don’t expect it to pull AGT-type numbers, but it will probably be a hit. I’m going to guess 1.3-1.5 million, although it could surprise us all and be a Masterchef-type hit. Somehow I doubt that will happen though, unless the talent is actually interesting to watch.

  3. You know what i am thinking for X Factor, Monday/Tuesday. They can have performances on Monday night, push CM back to 9:30pm and have Covert at 10:30pm. For some reason this is what i have been thinking for a while now, but didnt know Covert was coming at the time but imo it would make a lot of sense. Minute to Win It is finishing up in a couple of weeks and well i think that X Factor could replace it with a 1 hour show on Tuesdays.

    The main reason i say this is when New Bones and Castle come they cant have Castle starting at 10:30pm. Sorry but Seven’s Sunday night is very solid with SN, BS/Airways, Bones, Castle.

  4. Maybe it has something to do with the Church of Scientology ads on tvtonight.com.au – i’m all for conspiracy theories and think there is a link – A Scientology program on Seven??

    Seriously though, those Scientology ads on this site are disturbing. I clicked on the ad, so I guess the Scientologists will be sending you a cheque, via Google Ads. I took a screen shot, so have the evidence.

  5. Maybe they’ll see how Parenthood rates tonight and possibly swap it with City Homicide.

    X Factor may appear on Tuesday nights, as the last Minute to Win It airs Tue Aug 24 – so Aug 31 7.30 will be free. Seeing they had Australia’s Got talent at that time, they may do the same for X Factor.

    As for Marraige Ref – Thursday nights. It won’t do well. Didn’t do well in the US. Then there is Beauty and the Geek Australia to come as well.

  6. I think that Seven would fast-track Bones and Castle and after a two-hour X Factor show, they can’t have Bones at 9:30 and Castle at 10:30. Their 7:30 Sunday factuals are still doing well enough to win the timeslot so they should keep that there. Their Mondays need some lifting up so they can put in there and have Criminal Minds at 9:30.

  7. Why commission 22 eps of this drama and then treat it like this? The few viewers that are hanging in there deserve better. Seven do not know how to look after their own shows. Poor old CH is now in really big trouble.

  8. A post-election interview? Unlikely … or the launch of political show This Week with Richo, or the re-launch of You May Be Right or The White Room … also unlikely … The Marriage Ref seems a good bet.

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