New Seven digital channel tipped

Seven is poised to launch a third multi-channel, according to media reports.

Seven is poised to launch a third multi-channel, according to media reports.

The Australian claims Seven is preparing to launch a new digital channel, possibly within days.

The new channel would be “completely different” to its primary channel and 7TWO, which has been very successful for the network.

Nine and TEN are also working on third digital channels with offerings rumoured to be aimed at the “tween” and “lifestyle” markets.

TEN has claimed its new channel will arrive next year. The network’s 2011 programme launch is due mid-September where industry will listening for further detail.

Update: New channel coming: 7mate

Source: The Australian

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  1. Its great news dont really like the name though i think 7three or 7three digitalor 7 three xtra would have been better. I hope we will be receiving it here on Prime in Newcastle there seems to be some good shows on the line up.

  2. Argh 7mate … really? I thought 7Three would of worked better.

    Anyway even though as they say its targeted at guys … there’s a couple of shows I’ll watch.

    Still its a shame to lose 7HD as it was good to watch some shows in HD.

    TEN really need to get a move on with a 3rd digital channel …. like everyone is saying there’s so many shows that they could put on. I would love to see MasterChef again.

    And with Nine it would be good to have another channel for when the cricket starts and you lose all the daytime programming (new eps of Ellen and The View eg). They could be put on the 3rd channel.

  3. @ John it would be great if TEN would show some of their best hits but I’m pretty sure they don’t hold the rights to Prisoner anymore, which is weird considering they made it and AFAIK many of the Number 96 episodes have been lost forever. I would love to see all this again but at least they could reshow the early eps of Neighbours much like 7TWO is doing with Home and Away.

  4. That YouTube ad looks pretty legit, if so mostly repeats but I did notice warehouse13 which would be exciting. I just bought Kyle xy on DVD but 7 had the rights at some point they could show that, the final season isn’t out on DVD yet.

  5. Why are TEN sitting on their hands to get their channel started? They have plenty of stuff to put on there – old Big Brother, Idol, MasterChef, old 90210, Melrose Place, LA Law, Twin Peaks, Prisoner Cell Block H, Neighbours, Number 96, … I guess that’s if they still have access to this stuff. Could somebody bring back The Lost Islands? I think Nine has the rights to that.

  6. 24X7 music channel maybe? The Seven music video archive stretches back to the start of the Sounds Unlimited days, to the early 1970’s. Although a 24X7 rage channel from the ABC would be great too, as they have a deep archive of content that stretches back to the late 60’s.

  7. Great news but I hope it’s not a lifestyle channel what could be more boring than that? I’m hoping for a general entertainment channel with classic shows and movies so then people really won’t need foxtel.

  8. What i don’t understand is why there is not an Australian only channel.There are enough channels already showing repeat after repeat but not much aussie content,mainly U.S rubbish again and again and……..

  9. Errr although this sounds good, aren’t we spreading the (already small) market too thin with all these extra channels?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have choices of programming, but just wondering the effect in long run to the industry, ie capital invested etc.

  10. They took forever to announce a second digitial channel, and now they’ve sprung a third channel out of no where which could possibly launch in days? I’m guessing it will be younger skewing, similar to GO!, possibly Disney oriented.

  11. I’m all for more FTA channels but when will it stop? For years/decades we went along with the same 3 to 5 channels, now that has more than doubled and we are to get more. Mind you I haven’t watched much of 7TWO, we’ll just see how many new shows they fasttrack come September.

    Maybe Freeview needs to develop a PVR with 4 tuners to record thing at the same time?

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