Returning: Hi-5

Hi-5 will celebrate 500 episodes when its 12th series begins in September.

Casey Burgess, Fely Irvine, Lauren Brant, Tim Maddren and Stevie Nicholson return on Monday, September 13, at 3.30pm on Channel Nine.

The 500th episode airs on Friday, October 8.

The 12th series of Hi-5 again promises to have kids singing, dancing and having fun in their lounge rooms, with nine dynamic new Songs of the Week, including ‘Dancing Bus’ – presented like a contemporary music video clip – and ‘Turn the Music Up’ – think Countdown for pre-schoolers.

This isn’t the only surprise – a new game element has been added to the Sharing Stories segment, along with a new set. In this series Hi-5 has its very own Where’s Wally? style activity, where the cast ask the children to search for the hidden treasure carefully placed within the story set, allowing the children to interact during the segment.

Along with these engaging new elements, Hi-5 continues to produce the same vibrant, warm, energetic and friendly series as the effervescent Casey, Fely, Lauren, Tim and Stevie celebrate the 500th episode – a unique milestone in children’s television.

Martin Hersov and Cathy Payne, Directors of Hi-5 Operations, said: “We are thrilled that the show has reached a milestone of 12 series and 500 episodes, an achievement everyone involved should be proud of. Children have grown up with Hi-5 for over a decade and this new series will once again have them enjoying everything they love about the show whilst learning along the way.”

Series 12 taps into the things that Hi-5’s pre-school audience loves to engage with: toys, adventure, discovery, growing, storytelling and animals. Children are invited to participate in these stimulating aspects of the world and they are taught in a playful, fun and always inclusive environment.


  1. It is great they are coming back.I don’t have small children but have seen the Asian Version of Hi 5 And it is just as good.Someone should sell this to Singapore Airlines to show on Krisworld for their Childrens entertainment programme.

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