Rumour: New Foxtel channels

A 3D channel, new HD and +2 channels are tipped to be coming to Foxtel in November.

There are rumours emerging of new Foxtel channels, tipped to arrive  following the Commonwealth Games.

Multimedia website Knowfirst claims the following channels are expected in November:

*BBC Knowledge HD
*Nat Geo Wild HD
*MTV Live HD
*Speed HD
*3D Channel (for events like ESPN X Games etc – this is already on D206)

*MTV Hits SD (this was The Music Factory on Optus)
*MTV Live SD (down-converted from MTV Live HD)
*Speed SD (down-converted from Speed HD)
*Fox Sports SD (X-Box only)

*Nat Geo +2
*Nat Geo Wild +2
*Animal Planet +2
*13th Street +2

*16 Foxtel Box Office channels will be taken down for the Commonwealth Games channels, but only 8 or so will go back up.

Last week Foxtel CEO Kim Williams told Media Week that Commonwealth Games plans would be made this coming Thursday, including one “particularly exciting” announcement.

Source: Knowfirst

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  1. @ Knowfirst – Sky Digital is the pay tv service in the U.K. and they do not air a MTV Live channel. They have a good 5 MTV channels, but not a live orientated one so i doubt it is coming from there.
    @ JM – sorry i misunderstood your comment. Well the rights to the race’s are never longer then a couple of years and ONE have had the rights for something like 3 years already so as soon as they expire SPEED will buy them. And in regards to FOX SPORTS having rights to the other races, if Premier Media Group does buy it then they can just transfer the programming (which is done a fair bit by foxtel transferring shows from FOX8 to ARENA, ARENA to W, etc.)

  2. @Josh – I have no doubt News Corp are able to bring the SPEED channel to Australia. But i am questioning the content.
    eg. Channel TEN/ONE have exclusive rights to the Formula One in Australia yet in the US the Formula One is shown on SPEED (Except for 4 races on FOX). So there is no way they would be allowed to show that content… Then you have all the other types of Motorsport that already have existing deals in Australia.

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