AFL: Grand Final Guide

In case you hadn’t notice, it’s AFL week this week, with the Grand Final set to be staged on Saturday between Collingwood and St. Kilda. Or if you prefer, Eddie v Molly.

Seven plans a big week as host broadcaster this year.

TEN also airs the 2010 Brownlow Medal tomorrow night, live in Melbourne only, with Blue Carpet arrivals from 7:30pm. Nine has its annual Footy Show extravaganza on Thursday night.

Please note, some Seven events are Melbourne only:

AFL Game Day
Sunday September 19
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth 10am
Host Hamish McLachlan and the AFL Game Day panel give you all the latest footy news, reviews and expert views. Dual premiership captain Tom Harley and Melbourne champion David Schwarz join the panel along with the Herald Sun’s Mark Robinson.

Game Day Prime Time
Thursday September 23
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth 7.30pm
Hamish McLachlan leads a star-studded Game Day Prime Time panel, supported by two of the best in the business, dual premiership captain Tom Harley and crowd favourite Matthew Richardson, to review and reveal the issues at the centre of the game during the AFL finals series.

The man all footy fans want to hear from Ben Cousins also joins Seven’s Game Day Prime Time throughout September to deliver his unique expert analysis and insight into the 2010 finals series, just weeks after his emotional farewell from the game.

Deal or No Deal Footy Fever Double Shot
Monday September 20 – Friday September 24
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth 5.30pm
Footy Fever Double Shot specials featuring:
· Brisbane Lion Brownlow medalist Simon Black
· Sydney Swans premiership player Tadgh Kennelly
· Geelong captain Cameron Ling
· Western Bulldogs captain Brad Johnson
· Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell

Sunrise at Federation Square
Friday September 24
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth 6am
The Sunrise team soak up all the Grand Final week atmosphere at the AFL Live Site at Federation Square. Join Mel, Kochie and the Sunrise family as they look at all of the colour and excitement surrounding AFL Grand Final week.

Grand Final Parade
Friday September 24
Melbourne 12.00pm
Footy fever approaches its peak as thousands pack the city for a glimpse of the Grand Final players, coaches and the premiership cup. Channel Seven will be there with a one-hour special including coach and player interviews. Hosted by Sandy Roberts and Matthew Richardson.

Grand Final Marathon
Friday September 24
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth 11.50pm
Strap yourself in for an eight-hour marathon of some of the greatest Grand Finals ever played.
The best Grand Final highlights of all time from many of the clubs who have saluted on football’s biggest day will be shown, as Sandy Roberts takes footy fans down memory lane.

North Melbourne Grand Final breakfast
Saturday September 25
Melbourne 8am, Adelaide 7.30am
There is no greater sporting breakfast than the iconic Grand Final Breakfast. The event is an  nstitution on the Australian sporting calendar as it kicks off the AFL’s biggest day of the year. The cream of the political, sporting and entertainment worlds come together here. Celebrating its 45th year, the breakfast promises to be great viewing on Grand Final day again. Hosted by Mark Beretta.

AFL Game Day – Grand Final day edition

Saturday September 25
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne 9am, Adelaide 8.30am, Perth, 8am
AFL Game Day comes live from the MCG in a special three-hour Grand Final edition, catching up
with a range of football superstars, personalities, journalists and a host of other stars. Join host

Hamish McLachlan and the panel as they take a look at the big game and all its colour and

2010 AFL Grand Final
Saturday September 25
Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne 12.15pm, Adelaide 11.45am, Perth, 10.15am
The AFL Premiership season started over six months ago with 16 teams and over 700 players alldreaming of being at the MCG on that last Saturday in September.

Since then we’ve seen the agony and ecstasy of the country’s best athletes and footballers as
they’ve battled it out for the greatest prize in the game.

We’ve seen big hits, high-flying marks and freakish goals. We’ve seen coaches spit the dummy, players lose the plot and fans go nuts. We’ve had two teams dominate the home and away season and a host of others trying to knock them off their perch.

Now, it all comes down to this, the biggest day on the Australian sporting calendar with the two best teams and 44 of its best players in front of 100,000 screaming fans with millions more watching on TV.

The AFL season reaches its crescendo with that one day in September. See all the colour and excitement of football’s biggest day, the AFL Grand Final, live with Seven Sport


  1. The interviewers on the blue carpet were terrible!! Why not get the blokes from the footy show? Or some other people knowledgeable about football And funny! Their jokes were bad, repetitive and it made the blue carpet arrival a little tacky! Decent interviewers would have made the blue carpet event soooo much better!!

  2. Seven are really shoving Hamish McLachlan down our screens. He aint that good, and can someone at that network please find alternative names to their AFL panel shows besides “Game Day” it doesnt even make sense for the thursday night show and they havnt had a game on sunday for 2 weeks now.

    I prefer Channel Nine’s Grand Final Breakfast Show to anything else on offer pre grand final on saturday. Oddly enough, Nine do a better job at promoting the AFL grand final then either seven or ten do despite having a financial interest in another code.
    Nine have Footy Classified: Tue, Jimmy Stynes Doco: Sun, Wed, Sat, and the Footy show: Thu, Sun this week, plus the GF breakfast

  3. Don’t forget Nine’s Grand Final Breakfast 9.00-11.00am Saturday 25th September . Hosted by Tony Jones and all your favourite panels from the Footy Show and Sunday Footy Show AFL including Sam Newman, James Brayshaw & Gary Lyon, includes live crosses to the MCG, plus entertainment from Australian Idol, Stan Walker, Chart Topper Michael Paynter, Queen of Country, Kasey Chambers, a special footy song from the Scared Weird Little Guys and Mr. Football of the Music World – Mike Brady.

  4. I hope you’re not saying that AFL Grand Final need to be a night time game like the NRL. AFL GF day is one of my favourite days of the year, having the game during the day means you can head out to BBQs and watch it with people then have the sunshine to go out and kick the footy at half time.

    I suspect more people wouls just stay home and watch a night game. It would mean more TVs watching it but not neccesarily more people.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    @Ducko – No tar brush here. Please read what I wrote: “…*some* NRL fans…”. I’m sure that most of them, like your good self, are very reasonable people and happy for all codes to co-exist. If you have been reading the comments over the last few months, you may have noticed a bit of a pattern from the same few contributors – big on mouth, short on facts.

    @Peter – I’ll pay that one 🙂

  6. Secret Squirrel,

    One person was critical (& we’re not even sure if he’s pro NRL ) and you feel that you can tar the whole code with the same brush. Please.

  7. Secret Squïrrel

    What is it with some NRL fans that they feel so threatened by other football codes that they have to have a bit of a spray whenever there’s an article about AFL or soccer?

    A couple of months ago they were upset about all the coverage that the FIFA World Cup was getting, taking every opportunity to let us all know that it’s not really that popular, and that supposedly nobody in NSW was actually watching.

    Now that the AFL GF is approaching, they seem to be getting defensive about their code again.

    Well, “the facts”, here are some actual facts for you:

    * Last year the AFL GF rated higher than any other sports broadcast – 2.7m with a peak of 3.6m. The Melb Cup rated 2.5m with a peak of 2.6m. You can argue about the best way to measure which day is “the biggest day on the Australian sporting calendar ” but, given that this is an article on a TV blog containing a quote from a TV network about television programming, I’d say that TV ratings is certainly one way to do it.

    * You call it “handball” to presumably point out that it’s not really “foot”ball, but the ball is kicked a lot more often in AFL than in R.League.

    * You also disparagingly call it “Vicball” but it is played at the national level in all states except Tasmania. WA and SA have two teams and by 2012, so will NSW and QLD. Like it or not, it is this nation’s premier winter sport.

  8. @ the facts.

    Don’t choke* on your cornflakes now.

    Last years ratings:
    Melbourne Cup Race = 2,563,000 viewers (that’s across about 15 minutes)
    AFL GF = 2,704,000 viewers (across three hours – Bris 254,000 SYD 309,000 with ADL & Perth greater).

    So AFL is the biggest sporting event, especially when you consider the week leading up (as David has pointed out).
    And I wouldn’t say that nobody in Qld/NSW is interested in the AFL GF. Get your facts straight.

  9. “the biggest day on the Australian sporting calendar” – Nearly chocked on my cornflakes. How can the victorian handball GF be “the biggest day on the Australian sporting calendar” when the majority of the people in NSW/QLD (where most people live) wouldn’t even know it was on? Give me a break! The Melbourne Cup S#$%’s on the vicball gf Any day of the week.

  10. David, the Brownlow is live into all cities on One (thank goodness). I’ve seen a few promos and I checked the guide. Finally up here in Brisbane we’ll get live coverage! It’s a miracle.

  11. the north melbourne breakfast is always on in brisbane when 10 are covering it. typical 7 screwing brisbane viewers over again. instead we have to put up with the idiots from weekend sunrise

  12. As St Kilda are playing in the grand final, I wonder if Deal or No Deal host Andrew O’ Keefe will say anything on Weekend Sunrise this morning about them not being included in the Footy Fever Double Shot series of specials of D O N D.

  13. Ha St Kilda are playing in the grand final against Collingwood and there’s no player from there participating on the Footy Fever Double Shot of Deal or no Deal.
    David, you forgot about Ten’s Before the Game.

    Any word on what is happening to popular children’s show Saturday Disney?

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