Airdate: Hot Pursuit

Possibly not to be confused with the 2006 US series of the same name, Nine will air another police factual series this month.

Specially trained for high speed pursuits in their turbocharged police cars, elite units patrol the motorways, roads, towns and suburbs around London. Tonight they’re hot on the trail of a stolen BMW, hoping it will lead them to a highly organised gang of car thieves.

It airs 7pm Sunday September 12th, joining RBT.


  1. Nine’s factuals aren’t nearly as interesting or as well presented as Seven’s. They’re normally boring and one dimensional. Oh, and have that damian walsh guy host is always a put off, I think I’m saying that because I couldn’t stand how nine superimposed him into promo videos of that uk dog sqaud and border sercurity show.

  2. has anyone noticed how few factuals 7 have these days? don’t have any at the moment until WSPUK comes to thursdays. that torch seems to have been passed to 9&ten who have 3.5&3 hours wort ach respectively.

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